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MOH Gaza Update 18/07/2014

A message to Netanyahu from the emergency room on Thursday

A message to Netanyahu from the emergency room on Thursday

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports the following statistics as at 1800 hours on Friday July 18, 2014:

Deaths: 273 – 62 children, 24 women 18-60 years, 17 persons over 60 years
Injuries: 2,196 – 637 children, 393 women 18-60 years, 88 over 60 years.
ICU: 23 patients

Report18-7-2014 (400 x 566)
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“Armour-plated bullshitter” lies to justify Gaza attacks

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Ali Abdel-Latif al-Awoor, 7, died after being hit in a June 11 Israeli air strike on his uncles' motorbike in Gaza

Ali Abdel-Latif al-Awoor, 7, died after being hit in a June 11 Israeli air strike on his uncles’ motorbike in Gaza

The “armour-plated bullshitter” otherwise known as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has responded to the very belated discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teens only a short distance from where they went missing by accusing Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas of their deaths.

No evidence produced, not even time for the most cursory forensic examination to determine cause of death let alone who was responsible – but who needs evidence when you have an agenda.

And destroying Hamas is Netanyahu’s stated agenda, along with destroying the fledgling Palestinian unity government, however inept it has proven to be. Read more »

Hunger Strike Update: When are you going to tell Israel “Enough”? When?

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Gazans hunger-striking in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails want the world to act – and fast.

At today’s weekly event held by families of prisoners in front of the Red Cross in Gaza City, several hunger-strikers expressed their growing frustration with the international community’s lack of action.

Here are their messages to the world.

Mansour: "When are you going to move? When are you going to tell Israel “Enough”? When?

Mansour: “When are you going to move? When are you going to tell Israel “Enough”? When?

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Ban Calls For De-Escalation Of Tensions in Gaza/Israel

Press Release – UN News

Ban Calls For De-Escalation Of Tensions Amid New Violence In Gaza And Southern Israel Read more »

The Mixit Refugee Youth Arts Project

Press Release – Mixit

This summer Auckland’s revitalised waterfront area Wynyard Quarter will be taken over by one of the city’s most important and dynamic youth projects A series of exhilarating performances will storm the concrete jungle with a high voltage site-specific … Read more »

Noel Cheer: Will The Middle East Melt Down?

Press Release – Triangle TV

The situation today has been built, and is still building, on centuries of animosity, complicated by western meddling — and muddling — that started a century or so ago. Read more »

International Fact-Finding Mission on Israeli Settlements

Press Release – OHCHR

NEWS RELEASE International Fact-Finding Mission on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory concludes work in Amman Read more »

Armistice Day Observed with Commemorative Service

Press Release – New Zealand Defence Force

A Commemorative Service to observe the 94th anniversary of the Signing of the Armistice will be held at the National War Memorial in Wellington on Sunday. Read more »

WSF Free Palestine Newsletter

Press Release – Stop the Wall Campaign

WSF Free Palestine Newsletter 1. International mobilization for the WSF Free Palestine Delegations from 36 countries from all five continents have already registered for the World Social Forum Free Palestine turning this event into the largest gathering … Read more »

UFree Condemns Renewed Solitary Confinement Of Abu Sisi

Press Release – UFree

ACTION ALERT: UFree Network Condemns Renewed Solitary Confinement Of Prisoner Abu Sisi UFree Network | Campaigns The European Network to Support Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (UFree) expresses its profound condemnation over the ruling of an Israeli … Read more »

PCHR Warns of Further Deterioration to the Health Conditions of Palestinian Patients in Gaza

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
Ref: 79/2012

Offices of External Medical Treatment Department in Gaza Closed for the 3rd Consecutive Day

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) follows with utmost concern the continued closure of the offices of the External Medical Treatment Department in Gaza, and warns of the serious repercussions of this closure on the health conditions of hundreds of Palestinian patients in the Gaza Strip who desperately need advanced medical treatment outside the Gaza Strip. PCHR calls for the exclusion of health services from the political conflict, and for prioritizing the interest of hundreds of patients who suffer from serious diseases and wait to be referred to hospitals outside the Gaza Strip to receive advanced medical treatment that is not available in the Gaza Strip. Read more »

Gaza’s ‘Girls in Blue’

By Julie Webb-Pullman
Translation by Mukarram AbuAlouf


Mariam Alnao’ouk, Gaza Police Woman

At several public events over the past year in Gaza, I have noticed the presence of policewomen, complete with Hijab and blue hat. Contrary to the urban myths of the oppressed Muslim woman, these women appeared to be every bit as professional and effective as their western counterparts, as well as their male ones. Interest piqued, I sought and obtained an interview with Mariam Alnao’ouk, Representative of the Department of General Management of Policewomen in the Gaza Strip to find out a bit more about their work.  Read more »

Jamal Abu Haija – Prison Conditions, Hunger-Strike Intention

Article – Palestinian Prisoner Letter

Jamal Abu Haija – Condition in the prisons and intention to begin an open-ended hunger strike Read more »

Abul Futtuh Refuses To Recognize Israel

Article – Palestinian Information Center

CAIRO, (PIC)– Egyptian presidential hopeful Abdulmunem Abul Futtuh has said that he refuses to recognize Israel, describing it as a “racist entity”. Read more »

Co-operative Group Move to End Illegal Settlement Links

Press Release – Boycott Israel Network – BIN

Media Release: Campaigners welcome Co-operative Group move to end trade links with companies that source goods from illegal settlements Read more »

Statement by UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator

Press Release – OCHA

Statement by the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, Maxwell Gaylard, on evictions in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina Read more »

Anti-Drug Police In The North Seize 15,000g Of Al-Trumal

Press Release – Gaza Interior Ministry

Anti-drug police in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday seized 15,000 grams of Al-Trumal in the possession of a drug dealers. Read more »

Minister Instructions To Facilitate Journalists’ Tasks

Press Release – Gaza Interior Ministry

Minister of Interior and National Security Mr. Fathi Hammad has given clear instructions to facilitate the tasks of journalists and media institutions in the Gaza Strip. Read more »

UN Envoy Condemns Eviction Of Palestinian Families

Press Release – UN News

UN Envoy Condemns Eviction Of Palestinian Families From East Jerusalem Homes New York, Apr 18 2012 2:10PM A senior United Nations official has condemned the eviction today of two Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem and called for … Read more »

On Palestinian Prisoners Day, Prisoner Suffering Doubles

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

On Palestinian Prisoners Day, the Suffering of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails Doubles

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 07:00 Ref: 45/2012

Today, 17 April 2012, marks the Palestinian Prisoners Day, which has been devoted by the Palestinian people to support the cause of Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli jails. Since 1979, Palestinians have commemorated this day, which marks the anniversary of the release of Palestinian prisoners in the first prisoner swap deal of 17 April 1974. Read more »

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