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Hamas stipulates five conditions for a truce

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The text of the Hamas conditions, provided to The Electronic Intifada in Arabic, is as follows:

First – Opening all the crossing with the Gaza Strip.

Second – Opening Rafah crossing, the link between Gaza and Egypt, on a permanent basis, 24 hours per day with international guarantees it will not be closed.

Third – A maritime corridor to Gaza.

Fourth – Allowing residents of the Gaza Strip to pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Fifth – Israel will release the prisoners who were freed as part of the “Shalit” deal, and Israel will abide by the previous agreement reached by prisoners and the Israel Prison Service with Egyptian mediation in 2012.

Gaza Resistance states ten ceasefire conditions

Source: Electronic Intifada

Translated by The Electronic Intifada from an Arabic version published by Ma’an News Agency:

1. Mutual cessation of the war and withdrawal of tanks to previous locations and the return of farmers to work their land in the agricultural border areas.

2. Release of all the Palestinians detained since 23 June 2014 and improvement of the conditions of Palestinian prisoners, especially the prisoners from Jerusalem, Gaza and Palestinians of the interior [present-day Israel].

3. Total lifting of the siege of Gaza and opening the border crossings to goods and people and allowing in all food and industrial supplies and construction of a power plant sufficient to supply all of Gaza.

4. Construction of an international seaport and an international airport supervised by the UN and non-biased countries.

5. Expansion of the maritime fishing zone to 10 kms and supplying fishermen with larger fishing and cargo vessels.

6. Converting the Rafah crossing into an international crossing under supervision of the UN and Arab and friendly countries.

7. Signing a 10-year truce agreement and deployment of international monitors to the borders.

8. A commitment by the occupation government not to violate Palestinian airspace and easing of conditions for worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

9. The occupation will not interfere in the affairs of the Palestinian government and will not hinder national reconciliation.

10. Restoration of the border industrial areas and their protection and development.

Hamas & Islamic Jihad reject truce agreement

Source: Two Circles

Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) and Mohammed Al-Hindi (Islamic Jihad) earlier this year

Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) and Mohammed Al-Hindi (Islamic Jihad) earlier this year

Hamas: Truce unacceptable without a full-fledged deal
Islamic Jihad: Will not accept the ceasefire without conditions.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the group would not accept the Egyptian proposal for truce without a full-fledged deal to end hostilities.

Ismail Haniyeh, the deputy head of the political bureau of Hamas, confirmed there was diplomatic movement to end hostilities. In a televised statement on Al-Aqsa TV on Monday, he said the group had been contacted about a ceasefire but he did not specify who had made that contact. Haniyeh said: “Our people were avoiding the war but the Zionist enemy began it, he announced it, he prepared for it, he started to kill the women, children and families, destroy homes. Entire families were eliminated.”

“Every drop of blood is dear to us. My heart and all the people are standing beside these families, but this bloodshed pushes us towards being more committed to our rights and to stopping this aggression, to end this situation in Gaza and the West Bank.” Read more »

PFLP: Proposal for “calm” seeks new chains on the resistance



July 15, 2014

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine noted that despite what has been reported in news agencies regarding the words of President Abu Mazen and his claimed approval of the so-called Egyptian initiative, the Palestinian factions were not consulted regarding this initiative, no decisions were approved by any Palestinian institution, and this matter has not been addressed by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization or the Palestinian leadership. All Palestinian factions were informed of this so-called initiative via media reporting. It noted that “we in the PFLP will continue armed resistance as long as the Zionist enemy is occupying our homeland.” Read more »