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Hamas on 69th anniversary of the Nakba



In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press release

Issued by the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

On the 69th anniversary of the Nakba

Our people reject guardianship, and will not accept the liquidation of the case

After sixty-nine years of Nakba (catastrophe), massacre, displacement and years of suffering behind bars, different parties are still trying to destroy the Palestinian conscience and control the minds of the great Palestinian people, either by intimidation, starvation or siege. They are willing to remain in power for another year or two at the expense of the Palestinian case, while being assisted from the regional geopolitical crisis and the unprecedented rush to normalize with the savage Israeli Occupation. All this is being carried out while Judaization and expansion of illegal settlements is taking place in Jerusalem and the West Bank, while Gaza is still under siege and is being destroyed , and diaspora camps are being targeted, displaced and destroyed.

After sixty-nine years the conspiracies and schemes still aim to tighten the grip on the Palestinian issue vying to succumb its resistance and defenders to surrender. However, righteous doing, resistance and the liberation of Palestinian will remain as our number one priority on our national agenda as long as our hearts beat with love for our homeland. Therefore, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, during this painful anniversary, rapid geopolitical changes and imbalances, emphasizes on the following: Read more »

Statement of the PFLP on the 69th commemoration of al-Nakba

Press Statement


On the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, we mark the uprooting of the Palestinian people, forcing them to seek refuge and asylum in all corners of the earth, in a massive colonial crime of the twentieth century. The Zionist movement, with the support of the Western colonial powers, established its “statehood” on the ruins of 480 Palestinian destroyed villages, their people uprooted and displace, through the exercise of the worst forms of terror, torture and massacre. Read more »

Mishaal: Resistance a strategic choice for Palestinians

Press Statement

Meshaal (400 x 205)

Chairman of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mishaal stated that resistance constitutes a national duty and an inherent Palestinian right.

Addressing crowds attending a national conference that commemorated the 68th Nakba anniversary, Mishaal stated that resistance remains a national Palestinian constant and a strategic choice in the path toward liberation.

“The rights of return, freedom of prisoners, statehood and self-determination are inalienable Palestinian rights.” He underlined.

He asserted that the individual and collective Palestinian right to the land of Palestine is not subject to any statute of limitations.

On a related note, Mishaal reiterated his call for national unity among Palestinians, stressing the importance of partnership and democracy in dealing with challenges facing the Palestinian cause.

Al-Nakba day: The biggest crisis in the history of Palestine

International Solidarity Movement
Press Release

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Today, 68 years ago, the state of Israel was created in the Palestinian peoples’ home. The anniversary falls after a winter and spring with an escalation in violence and arrests of Palestinians, ever-expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Palestinian capital of Jerusalem, as the de facto take over by Israel of settlements in and around the city. It is estimated that there are approximately 600,000 Israeli settlers living in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

For the Palestinians it is remembered as Yawm an-Nakba, meaning “Day of the Catastrophe” or just Nakba Day.

During the 1948 Palestine War, an estimated 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled, and hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were depopulated and destroyed. Read more »

PFLP: On the 67th anniversary of Nakba, we reject the colonization of Palestine and uphold our national and historic rights

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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Today we mark 67 years of the great crime of the modern era, when the Zionist gangs in full view of the world uprooted the Palestinian people from their ancestral homeland to impose a state of oppression, racism and colonization on the ruins of the Palestinian homeland. From that day until today, our people continue to uphold their historic rights and the justice of their cause, rejecting all forms of compromises and deals that seek to legitimize occupation and confiscate the rights of our people to freedom, return and independence.

Over 67 years, the Zionist project has attempted to obliterate Palestinian Arab identity and falsify facts and history, supported by US imperialism and the forces of injustice and aggression on the political, military, economic and media fields. However, the reality of our history is of the continuous struggle of our people against the Zionist invasion, blocking attempts to destroy Palestinian Arab consciousness and impose a false history, and preserving our rights to all of Palestine in the minds and hearts of our people from generation to generation, despite all of the years passed since the Nakba and despite our displacement in all corners of the world. Read more »

UN says sorry to Palestine for Nakba

by Julie Webb-Pullman

That is what SHOULD be said today, the 67th anniversary of the Nakba, given the United Nations’ role in the travesty of both justice and its own Charter with its ‘partition’ of Palestine.

In other places they call what has happened – and is still happening – to Palestinians, genocide. It fits the UN definition. Just like what Britain did to Australian Aborigines in the first 100 years of colonisation (read “occupation”), and what the ‘new state’ of Australia continued doing until coming somewhat to its senses 220 years later – and saying sorry. Read more »

Nakba and more

by Mazin Qumsiyeh

suseya (400 x 266)

On the eve of the 67th year anniversary of the Nakba (the catastrophic ethnic cleansing of Palestine), Benjamin Netanyahu finally formed a “coalition government” a group of ministers who are honest about their racist and genocidal tendencies. It includes a “Justice” who called for murdering Palestinian mothers so that they do not bring out more “snakes”. It includes the head of “civil administration” who openly supports ethnic cleansing and genocide. A government more right wing in its composition than Germany was in 1933-1939 or South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s but an honest one indeed without double talk or hypocrisy.

What is disappointing is not the make-up of the government but the hypocritical response to it. Words from the “Palestinian Authority” whining about the new government were accompanied by continuing security coordination with Israel and the PA arrest of dozens of Palestinians simply for having different political affiliation (e.g. students who against all odds were voted to student councils at Palestinian Universities). Read more »

Nakba Reports

Compiled by Julie Webb-Pullman

Dr Attallah Abu Elsebah, Gaza Minister of Justice

Gaza’s Minister of Justice Dr Attallah Abu Elsebah explains the significance of the Nakba, and why the people of the world must stand in soldarity with Palestinians against the injustices they have have suffered, and continue to be subjected to.

Mazin Qumsiyeh, West Bank

One 15 year old boy and one 17 year old boy where both assassinated within a few minutes of each other by an Israeli sniper today. Mohammad and Nader were murdered as they participated in demonstrations marking the 66th anniversary of the Nakba (the catastrophic and continuing ethnic cleansing of Palestine to create the apartheid Jewish state of Israel on its ruins).

Several other youth were also hit with live ammunition, some in critical

Maan – Jerusalem

Israeli forces arrested four Palestinian protesters at the East Jerusalem protest including Yasser Qaws, Ismail al-Khatib, Abed Barbar, as well as a fourth person who was not identified.

Witnesses on the scene said that Israeli forces pushed and shoved participants, injuring six people including lawmaker Jihad Abu Zaneed and medic Nidal Abu Gharbia.

Daily Star, Lebanon

Palestinians wave flags as they mark the 66th anniversary of Nakba through sailing along the coast of Sidon, Thursday, May 15, 2014. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

Palestinians wave flags as they mark the 66th anniversary of Nakba through sailing along the coast of Sidon, Thursday, May 15, 2014. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

A march for Palestinians to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Nakba took place Thursday from the coastal city of Sidon toward the southern border with Israel to symbolize their hope to return to the historic land.

The first refugees to emerge from the Nakba were witnessed by Sidonians 66 years ago, when thousands of Palestinian refugee families erected tents and settled in the city, in an area known today as the camp of Ain al-Hilweh. Such images were recreated Thursday, with refugees erecting tents in Martyrs’ Square to symbolize their first settlement in the area, hoisting flags and banners, all organized by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

It also included a heritage exhibition featuring traditional collectibles and clothing, such as the keffiyeh, as well as property leases and old keys to the homes Palestinians were driven out of.