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Silence Will Not End the Suffering

Press Release – Palestine Human Rights Campaign

31 July 2013

Dear Mr McCully,

Silence Will Not End the Suffering

You may possibly have read the Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC) comments (McCully fails to make independent stand for justice)[1] on your press release dated 20 July 2013, which was sent to several MPs, including yourself.

We are writing to you now because of further developments that have a direct bearing on the opinions and assumptions expressed in your press release. We asked why anyone should believe that Israel would deal fairly with the Palestinian people in ‘direct negotiations’ when there is evidence that Israel has already made decisions that show it is not prepared to even consider abiding by earlier agreements or international law. We raised the issue of Israel’s discriminatory abuse of its own citizens and would now draw your attention to a 25 July 2013 statement[2] by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, urging Israel to reconsider a bill that would displace thousands of Bedouin. The proposed law would result in the demolition of up to 35 Bedouin villages, displacing as many as 40,000 people from their ancestral homes.  Read more »

PCHR Concerned over Closing Offices of al-Arabiya Channel and Ma’an News Agency in Gaza

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is concerned over closing the offices of al-Arabiya Satellite Channel, Ma’an News Agency and Lines Media Company upon a decision issued by the Attorney General in Gaza. PCHR calls upon the Attorney General to reconsider this decision and respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression and press freedoms that are guaranteed under the Palestinian Basic Law and international human rights standards.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 16:30 on Thursday, 25 July 2013, 6 members of the General Investigation Service (GIS) in civilian clothes arrived to the office of MBC group, which includes the office of al-Arabiya Channel, on the 12th floor of al-Shorouq building in the west of Gaza City. The GIS members showed a decision issued by the Attorney General in Gaza, Isma’il Jaber, to temporarily close the office of al-Arabiya Channel and seize its contents. At approximately 16:40 of the same day, other GIS members headed to the office of Ma’an News Agency on the 6th floor of Shawwa and Husari building in the west of Gaza City. They informed the staff of the Attorney General’s decision to close the office and seize its contents.  Read more »

Arab Idol Winner Assaf Youth Envoy for Palestine Refugees

UN Agency Picks ‘Arab Idol’ Winner Assaf as First Youth Envoy for Palestine Refugees

New York, Jun 24 2013 – Mohammad Assaf – a resident of a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and the first Palestinian to win the singing contest “Arab Idol” – has been named a regional youth ambassador by the United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees across the Middle East.

The head of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said the 23-year-old shows a personal commitment to Palestinian refugees and the UN agency.  Read more »

US State Department: Daily Press Briefing – May 8, 2013

Press Release – US State Department

First of all, Deputy Secretary Burns is headed to New Delhi to continue the very productive dialogue our two governments now enjoy in the wide range of political, economic, and security issues. The strategic partnership with India is of great importance … Read more »

Gaza Updates: Deaths and Injuries | Diplomacy | Media

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza Update: Deaths and Injuries

Updated 7:00 pm

Martyrs – 69 (20 children, 8 women, and 9 elderly persons)
Injured – 660 (224 children, 113 women and 50 elderly persons)

November 18, 2012 |
Spot the Difference: Gaza Council of Ministers

Look at the video filmed yesterday outside the Council of Ministers.

Now look at the photograph taken from a few metres further back today. Can you spot the differences? (Clue: the stairs Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh descended in the video are the same as the ones in the photo.)

Click for big version.

Gaza Council of Ministers today

November 17, 2012 |
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Another Superfluous War – Uri Avnery

Opinion – Uri Avnery

HOW DID it start? Stupid question. Conflagrations along the Gaza Strip don’t start. They are just a continuous chain of events, each claimed to be in “retaliation” for the previous one. Action is followed by reaction, which is followed by retaliation, … Read more »

UFree participate in Tunisia Int. Conference

Press Release – UFree

UFree participate in Tunisia Int. Conference to support Palestinian Prisoners Tunis – UFree Network The European Network to Support Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (UFree network ) is partaking in an International conference held in Tunisia to back Palestinian … Read more »

Chomsky in Gaza: at Al Mathaf

Column – Julie Webb-Pullman

Chomsky in Gaza: at Al Mathaf

Julie Webb-Pullman | Today in Gaza
October 22, 2012

Noam Chomsky has paid his first visit to Gaza.

While there, he spoke to a mixed group of Gazawis and internationals at Al Mathaf hotel on Friday 19 October 2012. A (rough!) unedited video of his talk follows, in four parts.


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Call for Submissions: International Prisoners Contest II

Call for Submissions: International Prisoners Contest II

Call for Submissions
International Prisoners Contest II

In cooperation with Aqsa Syarif-Malaysia, CPDS is organizing the second International Contest to support Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.
All, regardless of nationality, can take part in this contest.

To encourage creative efforts that support Palestinian prisoners and further their cause locally and internationally. Read more »

The Palestine Brief (15)

The Palestine Brief (15)
“Welcome to Palestine” arrive in Jordan
Four Palestinian prisoners are still on hunger strike
Hamas appreciates South Africa’s position on settlement products
U.S.: Israeli probe into Corrie’s death wasn’t ‘credible’
A weekly report published by the Center for Political and Development Studies (CPDS), Gaza on the latest developments in Palestine.
August 26, 2012 Read more »

Palestine New Media Revolt

By Yousef M. Aljamal
The Centre for Political and Development Studies (CPDS)

The 21st century witnessed one of the most important social and political developments in the fields of communication and media. Some define new media as “A generic term for the many different forms of electronic communication that are made possible through the use of computer technology. The term is in relation to “old” media forms, such as print newspapers and magazines, that are static representations of text and graphics.” Read more »

Journalist In Israel’s ‘Wikileaks’ Sentenced To Four Months

by Jack Muir – IMEMC & Agencies

Uri Blau, who published accounts of illegal assassinations in the West Bank has been sentenced to four months of community service in a plea bargain deal.

Haaretz journalist in whistleblower case, Uri Blau. (

Read more »

Review: Israel Upside Down

Israel Upside Down

By David Swanson
June 11, 2012

Miko Peled has written a perfect book for people, including Israelis, who have always heard that the Israeli government can do no wrong. The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine is partly an account of the author’s father’s life. His father, Matti Peled, was an Israeli general, war hero, military governor of the Gaza strip, member of Parliament, professor, and columnist who turned against the occupation of Palestine.

Largely, however, the book is an account of Miko Peled’s own life, and the evolution of his thinking about Israel. This autobiographical narrative, by a very likable and moral author, takes us step by step from unquestioning Zionism to condemnation of Israeli war crimes. For those who would condemn the morality of this intellectual journey, there are two obvious responses. First, read it. Read more »

Two Palestinian hunger strikers send “final distress call”

The Palestine Brief (5)

Two Palestinian hunger strikers send “final distress call”

Haniyeh: We don’t want more blood

A weekly report published by the Center for Political and Development Studies (CPDS), Gaza on the latest developments in Palestine.

June 10, 2012

Two Palestinian hunger strikers send “final distress call”

– Mahmoud Sarsak and Akram Rikhawi sent a letter to the Palestinian people in which they said “There is still enough time, and the support that comes late is better than that which does not come at all. It is better that you receive us alive and victorious rather than as lifeless bodies in black bags. Our people, our leaders in Gaza, in the West Bank and outside, and freedom loving people of the world, we cry out to you, and to all people in the world who believe in the justice of our cause: do not abandon us to the vindictive hands of the jailers to take what they want from our frail bodies.” Read more »

As Sarsak Faces Death, His Supporters Face Off In Solidarity Soccer

By Julie Webb-Pullman

Islamic Jihad today organised a soccer game in the road in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza City, to honour – and draw attention to – the plight of Palestinian football player Mahmoud Sarsak, now in his 83rd day of an open-ended hunger strike.

Sarsak, a Rafah-born member of the Palestinian national football team who did not belong to any militant faction, was detained as an ‘unlawful combatant’ when passing through the Erez crossing from Gaza into Israel on July 22 2009. He was on his way to join his team in the West Bank, but has been held ever since without charge, or any evidence being presented against him. Read more »

Doctor Confirms Imminent Threats to Hunger Strikers’ Lives

Joint Urgent Appeal
(…see end of release for information on who has signed on to this statement…)

Immediate action needed: independent doctor confirms current hunger strikers face imminent threats to their lives
6 June 2012

As organisations dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, the Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organizations (PCHRO) and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) are gravely concerned for the lives of three Palestinian prisoners that remain on hunger strike in Israeli prison. Today, Mahmoud Sarsak and Akram Rikhawi were visited by PHR-Israel’s independent doctor for the first time since they launched their hunger strikes. Read more »

The War on Palestinian Soccer: Free Mahmoud Sarsak

Column – Ramzy Baroud
June 7, 2012

On June 3, Palestinian national soccer team member Mahmoud Sarsak completed 80 days of a grueling hunger-strike. He had sustained the strike despite the fact that nearly 2,000 Palestinian inmates had called off their own 28-day hunger strike weeks ago.

Although the story of Palestinian prisoners in Israel speaks to a common reality of unlawful detentions and widespread mistreatment, Sarsak’s fate can also be viewed within its own unique context. The soccer player, who once sought to take the name and flag of his nation to international arenas, was arrested by Israeli soldiers in July 2009 while en route to join the national team in the West Bank. Read more »

Amnesty International Condemn Administrative Detention

Israel: The injustice and secrecy surrounding administrative detention

Amnesty International News

6 June 2012

A Palestinian woman protests against the Israeli practice of detention without trial or charge.

Israel must release all Palestinians held under long-standing administrative detention laws or charge and try them promptly and fairly, Amnesty International said in a new report.

‘Starved of justice: Palestinians detained without trial by Israel’ documents human rights violations associated with administrative detention – a relic of British control of the area that permits detention without charge or trial on indefinitely renewable military orders. Read more »

CPDS Stages Press Release Writing Course

CPDS Stages Press Release Writing Course

Gaza, June 4, 2012

Click for big version.

The Centre for Political and Development Studies (CPDS), Gaza launched on Sunday, June 3, 2012 the first course of its kind in Gaza entitled “Writing Press Release for Western Media”, given by a handful of media experts from the West. Dr. Mahmoud Alhirthani, CPDS chairman, welcomed the participants in a brief speech, hoping they will benefit from the course and thanking all the people who have contributed to making it a success. Read more »

Gaza Media Office reports on media freedom violations in May

Press Release – Government Media Office – Gaza

The Government Media Office in Gaza last May witnessed a cascade of violations of media freedom in the Palestinian territories, such as the Israeli Occupation firing at a group of journalists working at Iqra’a channel, the besieging of the staff of Elwaha Media Production Company, and the resolutions of Ramallah government which blocked a number of local electronic sites in the West bank. Journalist Nasser Eshyukhi was wounded in the head.

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