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Mass march in Gaza declares: Donald Trump, US imperialism not welcome in Palestine!



The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organized a mass march and rally in Gaza City on Tuesday, May 23, from Palestine Square to the prisoners’ support tent for the hunger strike, in rejection of the visit of the war criminal, US President Donald Trump, in our occupied homeland Palestine.

Thousands of comrades, leaders, representatives of national and Islamic forces and of the Front, led by members of the Political Bureau, the cadres of the Progressive Student Labor Front and the Union of Progressive Palestinian Youth, marched, carrying banners and signs in support of prisoners and condemning the visit of Trump to occupied Palestine.

Marchers set photos and an effigy of Trump on fire, challenging U.S. imperialism, and rejecting U.S. attempts to brand resistance as terrorism. Read more »

Open Letter to the UN Secretary General Urging Israel to Respect the Human Rights of Palestinians Held in Israeli Prisons on Hunger Strike

Press Release
Center for Constitutional Rights

May 23, 2017

The Center for Constitutional Rights and four other civil society organizations wrote an open letter to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, on the 37th day of a hunger strike by Palestinians in Israeli prison. The letter urged the UN to call on Israel to respect the human rights of the hunger strikers. The demands of those on hunger strike include calls for Israel to: end the use of administrative detention; permit more family visits; ensure adequate medical services (including specific services required by women); end the use of solitary confinement; install public phones to improve telecommunications with families; and improve access to education and other services. The prisoners’ strike arises in the context of Israel’s 50-year occupation of Palestinian territory and its transfer of thousands of Palestinians from the Occupied Palestinian Territory into prisons within Israel, in violation of international humanitarian law. CCR submitted the letter together with the International Association for Democratic Lawyers, the International Federation for Human Rights, the National Lawyers’ Guild, and Palestine Legal. The letter is published in full below. Read more »

Legal Characterization of Palestinian Hunger Striking Prisoners’ Demands in the Israeli Jails

Legal Submission
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Message to the Free World from the Committee of Palestinian Prisoners’ Families and Prisoners’ Committee of Islamic and National Factions


22 May 2017


Around 1,700 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails have been on an open hunger strike since 17 April 2017. Dr. Marwan al-Barghouthi, the hunger strike leader, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and prisoner in the Israeli jails, announced the strike aims at “Confronting violations of prisoners’ rights guaranteed by the international law.” He added in a message addressing the parliamentarians all over the world a week after the strike started, “We resorted to this hunger strike after months of exhausting all efforts and attempts to claim our legitimate demands relevant to mass arbitrary arrest, torture, punitive measures, deliberate medical negligence, family visitation and communication, and the right to education all practiced against prisoners. These are the basic rights we should enjoy.”

Many human rights reports and lawyers emphasize that around 6,300 Palestinian prisoners are subject to inhumane and degrading conditions in the Israeli jails outside of the occupied territory.[1] Imprisonment of persons in prisons outside the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967 is itself a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, where Article 76 stipulates that, “Protected persons accused of offences shall be detained in the occupied country, and if convicted they shall serve their sentences therein. They shall, if possible, be separated from other detainees and shall enjoy conditions of food and hygiene which will be sufficient to keep them in good health, and which will be at least equal to those obtaining in prisons in the occupied country.” These facts raise questions about Israel’s fulfillment of its international obligations and accordance of hunger strikers’ demands with these obligations. Read more »

Trump in Bethlehem

Mazin Qumsiyeh


President Trump is in Saudi Arabia where he will instruct his puppets then go to apartheid Israel to get further instructions from his masters.

He will do a token visit to Bethlehem Tuesday and desecrate the city of the Prince of Peace with his entourage of racist Zionists. I wish I was there to join demonstrations against this symbol of hypocrisy (I am still in Europe).

Everyone now knows that the US government, Israel, and the Saudi regime have been the biggest perpetrators of terrorism and genocide in the world. This is to serve one interest and one interest only: money.

Just to emphasize this, the US arms industry (owned largely by Zionists) will get a 110 billion deal (bribe) from the Saudis. Read more »

THE PALESTINIAN HUNGER STRIKE: “Our chains will be broken before we are..”

Richard Falk


On April 17th at least 1500 Palestinian prisoners launched a hunger strike of indefinite duration, responding to a call from Israel’s most famous Palestinian prisoner, Marwan Barghouti. It also happens to be that Barghouti is the most popular political leader, far more liked, trusted, and admired that the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. Barghouti is serving a series of lifetime terms for his alleged role in directing an operation during the Second Intifada in which five Israelis were killed.

Barghouti who has been in prison for fifteen years, gave his reasons for the strike as “torture, inhumane and degrading treatment, and medical negligence,” as well as a failure to abide by international legal standards pertaining to prison conditions during a military occupation. Even the normally timid International Committee of the Red Cross acknowledged prisoner demands by issuing a public statement asserting that the denial of family visits and moving Palestinian prisoners and detainees outside of the occupied territory to Israeli jails were violations of international treaty norms set forth in the Fourth Geneva Convention governing belligerent occupation. Read more »

Full details of Mazen Fuqaha assassination



The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip held a conference Tuesday in Gaza city to give full details regarding the assassination of top Hamas commander, Mazen Fuqaha who was killed last March.

The security campaign has resulted in capturing 45 collaborators with the Israeli Occupation, which constituted a breakthrough and dealt a blow to the Israeli intelligence. Gaza officials reiterated their stance of holding the Israeli Occupation fully responsible over the assassination and all the subsequent consequences arising from it.

The ministry added that the killer was apprehended along with two other people who had main roles in the assassination. Those collaborators admitted that they had received direct orders from Israeli military officers, and that planning the murder had taken 8 months. Read more »

UN Special Rapporteur on OPT calls on Israel to comply with international law on detention

Office of the High Commissioner
United Nations Human Rights Council


GENEVA (16 May 2017) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Michael Lynk, today urged Israel to comply with international law and international standards for detention.

The expert’s call comes as the ongoing hunger strike by approximately 1,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails enters its second month. They are requesting better and consistent access to health care, more liberal family visit policies, and an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention.

“I am particularly concerned with Israel’s use of administrative detention, which involves imprisonment without charge, trial, conviction or meaningful due process, as well as the possibility of unrestricted renewal of their detention,” the human rights expert said, highlighting that administrative detainees are imprisoned on secret evidence that neither they nor their lawyers can review or challenge.

“Israel’s use of administrative detention is not in compliance with the extremely limited circumstances in which it is allowed under international humanitarian law, and deprives detainees of basic legal safeguards guaranteed by international human rights law,” Mr. Lynk said recalling his first report to the UN General Assembly. The Rapporteur noted that there are approximately 500 Palestinian administrative detainees. Read more »

Hamas on 69th anniversary of the Nakba



In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press release

Issued by the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

On the 69th anniversary of the Nakba

Our people reject guardianship, and will not accept the liquidation of the case

After sixty-nine years of Nakba (catastrophe), massacre, displacement and years of suffering behind bars, different parties are still trying to destroy the Palestinian conscience and control the minds of the great Palestinian people, either by intimidation, starvation or siege. They are willing to remain in power for another year or two at the expense of the Palestinian case, while being assisted from the regional geopolitical crisis and the unprecedented rush to normalize with the savage Israeli Occupation. All this is being carried out while Judaization and expansion of illegal settlements is taking place in Jerusalem and the West Bank, while Gaza is still under siege and is being destroyed , and diaspora camps are being targeted, displaced and destroyed.

After sixty-nine years the conspiracies and schemes still aim to tighten the grip on the Palestinian issue vying to succumb its resistance and defenders to surrender. However, righteous doing, resistance and the liberation of Palestinian will remain as our number one priority on our national agenda as long as our hearts beat with love for our homeland. Therefore, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, during this painful anniversary, rapid geopolitical changes and imbalances, emphasizes on the following: Read more »

Addameer visits hunger-striking political leader Ahmad Sa’adat



Addameer’s attorney Farah Bayadsi visited hunger-striking political leader and Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Ahmad Sa’adat today, 14 May 2017, in Ohli Kedar prison. Addameer’s attorney was previously denied visitation, but received approval following a High Court petition submitted on 10 May 2017. Since the beginning of the strike, 17 April 2017, Addameer requested several visits from Israeli Prison Service (IPS) to visit hunger-striking prisoners and detainees, but the IPS either did not respond or rejected the requests. Read more »

Statement of the PFLP on the 69th commemoration of al-Nakba

Press Statement


On the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, we mark the uprooting of the Palestinian people, forcing them to seek refuge and asylum in all corners of the earth, in a massive colonial crime of the twentieth century. The Zionist movement, with the support of the Western colonial powers, established its “statehood” on the ruins of 480 Palestinian destroyed villages, their people uprooted and displace, through the exercise of the worst forms of terror, torture and massacre. Read more »

Call from PFLP Prison Branch in the Battle of Dignity

PFLP Prison Branch


The following statement was issued by the leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine branch in Israeli prisons, and read over Al-Mayadeen Arab TV satellite channel on May 11

To the masses of the Palestinian people, the Arab nation, and the forces of freedom in the world…

Today, the Palestinian prisoners’ movement is locked in the battle of freedom and dignity for the 25th day, with ever more determination to continue until the achievement of its goals. It is armed with the weapon of its will, the unity of the prisoners’ movement and the justice of our cause, with the support and embrace of the masses of the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and the forces of freedom in the world. The prisoners face, after their declaration of the battle of the strike, a bloody war and ferocious Zionist repression that has intensified in recent days and in various prisons. Dozens of leaders are isolated for participating in the strike, including Ahmad Sa’adat, Marwan Barghouthi, Abbas Sayyed, Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Kamil Abu Hanish and dozens of others. This repression is reinforced by the prevention of legal visits in an attempt to cover up their situation and the circumstances of their confinement, while the occupation intelligence agencies continue to use techniques of psychological warfare in order to break the strike. This has only made the prisoners even more determined to continue the battle and confront these Zionist attacks.

To the Palestinian and Arab masses…

The Zionist occupation prisons are prisons of horror. There are tens of severely ill prisoners, some engaged in the strike and currently barred from treatment, suffering from the policy of medical neglect. The clinics that are supposed to be places of treatment and alleviation of pain are instead sites of abuse and suffering. The declaration of the occupation of the establishment of so-called “field hospitals” is either an attempt to better its image in the media, or to create sites of pressure on the prisoners to attempt to break the strike and carry out threatened forced feeding. A number of measures against the prisoners have recently escalated, including the closure of prisons, conversion of whole sections to collective isolation sections, massive bans on family visits and the imposition of thousands of shekels in fines on strikers.

Despite all these measures, we have also promised to you that we will not break or give in, and so from the womb of our suffering and despite the severity of repression, we will continue this battle until victory. Read more »

Haniyeh announces the arrest of Mazen Al-Fuqaha’s killer



Head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, announced that security forces in Gaza managed to arrest the killer of Mazen Al-Fuqaha who was assassinated a month and a half ago.

Haniyeh said during a press conference held Thursday in front of the house of Al-Fuqaha that the suspect provided clear and complete confessions, pointing out that the Ministry of Interior will hold a press conference explaining all the details related to the assassination.

Haniyeh praised the people of Gaza Strip for their patience and understanding of the security measures taken by the security forces in the Strip.

He said, “We will hand out a just ruling towards the killer and everyone who had a hand in this crime, and we will continue until the enemy understands that our blood is precious”. Read more »

Results of elections of the Political Bureau of Hamas



In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

“Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers”

Press Release on the result of the eternal elections of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

In light of the meaning of brotherhood, responsibility and consensus, the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, completed all stages of the elections of its institutions inside and outside Palestine.

The General Assembly of Hamas held its regular session, both inside and outside Palestine, on Saturday 6th of May, 2017.

Ismail Haniyeh was elected as a head of the Political Bureau by members of Shura (consultation) Council assuring their support to him in assuming the responsibility to achieve the Palestinian people’s aspirations of liberation and return.

Hamas’s members elected the members of the Political Bureau namely, Mousa Abu Marzouq, Yahya Al Senwar, Saleh Al Arouri, Khalil Al-Hayya, Muhammad Nazzal, Maher Obaid, Ezzat Al –Rashq, and Fathi Hammad.

The values of Shura and democracy and the spirit of unison of the members of Hamas in Gaza, West Bank, inside the Israeli prisons, and abroad were embodied at all stages of the internal elections of Hamas. Read more »

If the international community is willing, Hamas’ declaration can mark a turning point

Dr Ahmed Yousef

Dr Ahmed Yousef, Director of the House of Wisdom Institute for Conflict Resolution and Governance

Dr Ahmed Yousef, Director of the House of Wisdom Institute for Conflict Resolution and Governance

Three years ago, I wrote an opinion piece for The Guardian in which I sought to correct the inaccurate, though prevalent, perception of Hamas as a movement whose resistance against Israel is driven by religion, in general, and a hatred of Judaism, in particular.

“Hamas draws inspiration from faith; yet religion has little to do with our struggle,” I wrote at the time. I attempted to explain the journey and evolution that Hamas has undergone since its foundation it the 1980s.

Unfortunately, to date there is little evidence that this message has yet been universally understood amongst the international community. Rather, it seems that at times there has been an active unwillingness, and especially amongst Western societies, to hear the repeated efforts of senior members of Hamas to clarify the movement’s position regarding Israel and the conflict.

Despite this failure to acknowledge earlier efforts to explain its motives, Hamas has released a document this week attempting again to convey the movement’s current thinking on several key issues. Read more »

Ahmad Sa’adat, Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh join strike with fellow leaders: Statement from the PFLP Prison Branch

PFLP Prison Branch
Press Statement


Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, led a new group of leaders in the prisoners’ movement into the Strike for Dignity on Thurday morning, May 4, along with fellow leaders Hassan Salameh, Abbas al-Sayyed, Comrade Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Zaid Bseiso, Bassam Kandakji, Tamim Salem, Mahmoud Issa, Nael Barghouthi, Said Tubasi and a group of fellow leaders. Dozens of cadres of the PFLP, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Democratic Front and the People’s Party are also collectively joining the hunger strike.

Comrade Abu Ahmad Fuad, the Deputy General Secretary of the PFLP, said that “the leader Ahmad Sa’adat joining the Strike of Dignity is a living lesson in courage, will and determination and a model of steadfast leadership. This step is not strange for this selfless leader, and it will add to the escalation of the ongoing strike for the past 18 days.” He urged the supporters of the Front and the Palestinian people to engage with suporting the battle of Comrade Sa’adat and all the prisoners in Israeli jails engaged in this heroic battle of dignity, saying that their empty stomachs come in a heroic epic of defiance of the jailer. Read more »

Letter from Marwan Barghouti, leader of Palestinian hunger-strike

Marwan_Barghouthi via his wife Fadwa Barghouthi


“If my letter reaches you that would mean the hunger strike is ongoing and Israel has decided to respond it through incitement, solitary confinement of hunger strikers and repression, with the illusion that this will make us abandon our sacred struggle and our legitimate demands.

The Palestinian prisoners have faith that their people will not let them down and will meet loyalty with loyalty and will support the prisoners and their families who have endured sacrifice and hardship and suffering.

I am addressing you from solitary confinement, among thousands of prisoners and on their behalf, and among hundreds of prisoners who have decided to launch this hunger strike for freedom and dignity that will continue till their legitimate demands are met. Read more »

Israel’s New Cultural War of Aggression

Richard Falk

Former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Palestine Richard Falk signs copies of his new book at an event hosted by MEMO on 20 March 2017 [Jehan AlFarra/Middle East Monitor]

Former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Palestine Richard Falk signs copies of his new book at an event hosted by MEMO on 20 March 2017 [Jehan AlFarra/Middle East Monitor]

A Small Battleground in a Large Culture War

A few weeks ago my book Palestine’s Horizon: Toward a Just Peace was published by Pluto in Britain. I was in London and Scotland at the time to do a series of university talks to help launch the book. Its appearance happened to coincide with the release of a jointly authored report commissioned by the UN Social and Economic Commission of West Asia, giving my appearances a prominence they would not otherwise have had. The report concluded that the evidence relating to Israeli practices toward the Palestinian people amounted to ‘apartheid,’ as defined in international law.

There was a strong pushback by Zionist militants threatening disruption. These threats were sufficiently intimidating to academic administrators, that my talks at the University of East London and at Middlesex University were cancelled on grounds of ‘health and security.’ Perhaps, these administrative decisions partly reflected the awareness that an earlier talk of mine at LSE had indeed been sufficiently disrupted during the discussion period that university security personnel had to remove two persons in the audience who shouted epithets, unfurled an Israeli flag, stood up and refused to sit down when politely asked by the moderator.

In all my years of speaking on various topics around the world, I had never previously had events cancelled, although quite frequently there was similar pressure exerted on university administrations, but usually threatening financial reprisals if I was allowed to speak. What happened in Britain is part of an increasingly nasty effort of pro-Israeli activists to shut down debate by engaging in disruptive behavior, threats to security, and by smearing speakers regarded as critics of Israel as ‘anti-Semites,’ and in my case as a ‘self-hating,’ even a self-loathing Jew.

Returning to the United States I encountered a new tactic. The very same persons who disrupted in London, evidently together with some likeminded comrades, wrote viciously derogatory reviews of my book on the Amazon website in the U.S. and UK, giving the book the lowest rate possible rating. Read more »

Hamas launches its new Political Document



The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, launched its Political Document “General Principles and Policies” on Monday at a press conference in the Qatari capital of Doha.

The document was announced at a press conference held by Hamas politburo chief, Khaled Mashaal, with a number of leaders of the movement, in the presence of elite writers, media outlets and researchers.

The 42 article document carries the essence of the Movement’s thought and political legacy for 30 years now.

Hamas said in its document that it is an Islamic Palestinian national liberation movement aimed at liberating Palestine and confronting the Zionist project, indicating that Islam is a reference in its principles, objectives and means.

The movement renewed its rejection of all projects aimed at settling the refugee issue, stressing that the right of return for Palestinian refugees is a natural right.

It also stressed that not an inch of Palestinian land will be handed over, indicating that the establishment of a state on the lines of 1967 does not mean the recognition of the Zionist entity.

English PDF file of the official Hamas Political Document is here

Arabic PDF file of the official Hamas Political Document is here

Hamas: A Document of General Principles and Policies



In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

A Document of General Principles and Policies

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all worlds. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, the Master of Messengers and the Leader of the mujahidin, and upon his household and all his companions.


Palestine is the land of the Arab Palestinian people, from it they originate, to it they adhere and belong, and about it they reach out and communicate.

Palestine is a land whose status has been elevated by Islam, a faith that holds it in high esteem, that breathes through it its spirit and just values and that lays the foundation for the doctrine of defending and protecting it.

Palestine is the cause of a people who have been let down by a world that fails to secure their rights and restore to them what has been usurped from them, a people whose land continues to suffer one of the worst types of occupation in this world.

Palestine is a land that was seized by a racist, anti-human and colonial Zionist project that was founded on a false promise (the Balfour Declaration), on recognition of a usurping entity and on imposing a fait accompli by force.

Palestine symbolizes the resistance that shall continue until liberation is accomplished, until the return is fulfilled and until a fully sovereign state is established with Jerusalem as its capital.

Palestine is the true partnership among Palestinians of all affiliations for the sublime objective of liberation.

Palestine is the spirit of the Ummah and its central cause; it is the soul of humanity and its living conscience.

This document is the product of deep deliberations that led us to a strong consensus. As a movement, we agree about both the theory and the practice of the vision that is outlined in the pages that follow. It is a vision that stands on solid grounds and on well-established principles. This document unveils the goals, the milestones and the way in which national unity can be enforced. It also establishes our common understanding of the Palestinian cause, the working principles which we use to further it, and the limits of flexibility used to interpret it. Read more »

Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat on May 1: The popular classes of Palestine are on the front lines of revolution

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, delivered a special message from prison via the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat to the forces and movements of the Left in the world on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, marking a renewed landmark of revolutionary struggle against imperialism, Zionism and fascism and the forces of class and social exploitation. Sa’adat said in the statement that the open-ended hunger strike being waged currently by the Palestinian prisoners’ movement is the most prominent national site of confrontation with the Zionist occupation and its racist settler-colonial laws. He urges the expansion of the campaign for boycott and the isolation of the occupation at an international level.

Comrades and friends

Revolutionary greetings,
Greetings of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
Greetings to the strugglers for justice, freedom, equality and progress everywhere.

Greetings to you from inside the prisons and cells of Zionism, and salutes to all those who celebrate today, who march and participate in this day, in the lighting of the flame of this immortal, human, day, the first of May, the day of workers, the people, and the struggling classes. This is the day in which we together renew our primary commitment to defend the rights and interests of the impoverished and struggling classes with a fundamental interest in progress and change, the classes that were and still are the front line of the revolution, standing against the savage forces of capitalism, occupation, colonialism and racism. Read more »

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