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The Decency of Violence: Massacre in Gaza

Article – Binoy Kampmark

It has the makings of another Intifada: appalling timing in terms of commemoration (the founding of the state of Israel; the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem in all-Trumpistan affair); popular protest with all its untidy trimmings; then a … Read more »

Call for an investigation into Gaza’s recent events

Press Release – Euro Med Monitor

Geneva- Mr. Michael Lynks call for an international investigation into Israel’s killing of Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip is a first step to achieve justice for the dead, says the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, stressing … Read more »

An Affront to History: Giro d’Italia’s ‘Sport-Washing’

Article – Ramzy Baroud

An Affront to History: Giro dItalias Sport-Washing of Israeli Apartheid By Ramzy Baroud For the first time since its inception in 1909, the legendary Italian cycling race, Giro dItalia kicked off outside Europe and, strangely enough, from … Read more »

UN human rights expert condemns horrific violence in Gaza

Press Release – United Nations

GENEVA (15 May 2018) A UN human rights expert has called on the Israeli Government to immediately cease its lethal assault against protesters at the Gaza fence, who appear to pose no credible threat to Israeli military forces on the Israeli side … Read more »

Al-Sisi’s Band Aid: Egypt extends Rafah Crossing opening through Thursday.


Informed sources said that the Egyptian authorities decided to open the Rafah crossing in the southern Gaza Strip permanently due to the large number of wounded and injured who are scheduled to leave for Egypt to receive treatment, and also within the Egyptian facilities to come to the sector.

The sources confirmed that the crossing from the moment will remain permanently open without closing it completely, pointing out that the Egyptian leadership gave instructions to the competent authorities to keep the Rafah crossing open continuously.

She pointed out that the Egyptian authorities have given instructions to all concerned authorities to start receiving the wounded of the march of return and the millions of people who broke the siege, whose cases require treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

The Egyptian authorities decided to open the Rafah crossing for four days from Saturday to Tuesday evening, but announced the extension of the crossing until Thursday evening.

It is noteworthy that the Rafah crossing is considered the lifeline of the citizens of Gaza, since it connects the sector in Egypt, where the closure of the latter almost completely, since July 2013, and open it at intervals: for the travel of humanitarian cases, students and dependents only.


CWS worried about escalating violence in Gaza

Press Release – Christian World Service

Christian World Service abhors the senseless violence in Gaza that has left close to 100 people dead and many more injured. Read more »

Embassy of Israel in Wellington – Gaza border

Press Release – Embassy of Israel in Wellington

Make no mistakes – There is no valid connection between the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the weeks old Hamas-orchestrated violent confrontation campaign already taking place in the Gaza Strip. Read more »

Statement on Israel by the CERD

Press Release – United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

GENEVA (May 14, 2018) At the conclusion of its 95th Session, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued the following Statement : Read more »

Report warns against Israel’s use of explosive bullets

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

New Euro-Med report warns against Israel’s use of explosive bullets to disperse tomorrows Gaza fence protest Geneva – Israel’s expected use of excessive force against participants during tomorrows intended protest at the Gaza fence may constitute … Read more »

There’s no hiding the occupation

Press Release – Joint Press Release

Human Rights Groups in response to government’s decision to deport HRW official: There’s no hiding the occupation Read more »

Palestinian refugees suffer setback in Lebanon’s Election

Article – Franklin Lamb

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have no right to vote and that has never been a significant issue with them. As refugees they are not citizens of Lebanon and have never sought naturalization. Rather, their focus continues to be on acquiring at least some elementary … Read more »

Eclipsing Factionalism: The Missing Story from Gaza

Article – Ramzy Baroud

The Gaza border protests must be understood in the context of the Israeli Occupation, the siege and the long-delayed Right of Return for Palestinian refugees. However, they should also be appreciated in a parallel context: Palestines own factionalism … Read more »

Planning for Aggression: Netanyahu’s Nuclear Archive

Article – Binoy Kampmark

It all seems like an effort to confirm offensiveness and instability, to be appalling in order to be relevant. The Israeli prime minister, handicapped by domestic travails and a watchful Knesset, is very keen to push the Iranian demon into the spotlight, … Read more »

Gazan Gandhis: Gaza Bleeds Alone

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Three more Palestinians were killed and 611 wounded last Friday, when tens of thousands of Gazans continued their largely non-violent protests at the Gaza-Israel border. Read more »

On hostility against journalists & Israel’s lies about Iran

Article – Gordon Campbell

At last count, 32 working journalists had been killed this year up until April 30, and recent weeks have seen the worst period of sustained violence against journalists since the 2015 Charlie Hebdo killings in France. In Kabul on Monday, a suicide bomber … Read more »

Israel must address excessive use of force, Zeid says

Press Release – UNHCHR

GENEVA (27 April 2018) UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad Al Hussein on Friday called on Israel to ensure that its security forces do not resort to the use of excessive force, following the many deaths and injuries sustained by … Read more »

On why France could become our closest ally in Europe

Article – Gordon Campbell

As PM Jacinda Ardern returns from a triumphant tour to Britain and the capitals of Europe, her officials have probably begun to assess what the more substantive gains from the trip might have been. Most of the chatter has been about potential trade … Read more »

Military and media missiles

Article – David Cooke

President Trump’s speech on the US-led missile strike on Syria will no doubt resonate enthusiastically with his base in the US, and to judge from letters to the editor, with his supporters in NZ. But there are good reasons for not getting too dewy-eyed … Read more »

UN human rights experts condemn killings of Palestinians

Press Release – UNHCHR

UN human rights experts condemn killings of Palestinians near Gaza fence by Israeli security forces Read more »

Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine By Ramzy Baroud Why did Israel kill many unarmed Gaza protesters and wound over 2,000 on Friday, March 30 and on the following days, when they clearly posed no threat to Israeli soldiers? … Read more »

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