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Mass march in Gaza remembers Abu Ali Mustafa, demands to break siege

Poplar Front for the Liberation of Palestine


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organized a mass march in Gaza City on Saturday, August 26, marking the 16th anniversary of the assassination of PFLP General Secretary, Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa. This central mass rally in Gaza was led by the cadres of the Popular Army and a massive Palestinian flag.

Marchers proceeded from the Gaza City municipal park to the Square of the Unknown Soldier, raising Palestinian flags, PFLP banners and signs demanding an end to the siege on Gaza, Palestinian national unity and the liberation of Palestine. The march included a street vendor with a trolley representing the plight of Palestinian workers as well as a child laying in a hospital bed with health workers around him, highlighting the situation of Palestinian sick children denied medical treatment due to the killer policies of occupation and siege.

Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP and leader of its branch in Gaza, delivered the main speech at the rally and march. The full text is below: Read more »

PLO denounces the terrorist attacks in Spain

Press Release – PLO Executive Committee

On behalf of the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people, we strongly denounce the recent terrorist attacks in Spain in which at least thirteen people were killed and more than one hundred were injured. Read more »

Al Sinwar: Joint work key to promote national project

Press Release


The head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Yahya Al Sinwar, stressed the importance of the joint work among all Palestinian factions to promote the national project and achieve its goals.

During his meeting with senior writers and analysts in his office, Al Sinwar reiterated Tuesday that Hamas is exerting all efforts to ease the siege on Gaza Strip.

He also listened to their explanations and questions and discussed with them the latest developments on the Palestinian cause and the possible ways to achieve the nation’s goals.

Al Sinwar pointed out that Hamas is keen to develop the capabilities of the resistance within the framework of its comprehensive political, military, legal and media understanding and in line with providing a decent living for Gazans.

He also expressed Hamas’ refusal to separate Gaza from the rest of Palestine. Al Sinwar concluded the importance of spreading freedom within the Palestinian society in order to enhance the cohesion of the society in the face the challenges.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Gaza

Press Release – UNHCR

We are deeply concerned about the steady deterioration in the humanitarian conditions and the protection of human rights in Gaza. Read more »

Pregnant women, newborns contaminated with heavy metals linked to Israeli attacks

Julie Webb-Pullman

Remnants of Israeli attacks....

Remnants of war….

Newborn babies and their mothers exposed to Israeli attacks in 2014 have a high level of heavy metal contamination in their hair, reports a study published in the latest British Medical Journal (BMJ Open). The research was carried out in Gaza on 502 women who were pregnant at the time of the 2014 Israeli offensive.

Italian, Finnish and Gazan researchers analyzed the quantities of 23 kinds of metal in the hair of the women and the children they subsequently gave birth to, and compared them with the metal content in women’s hair outside of war zones. They also studied in utero transmission of heavy metals, as well as the hypothesis of contamination unrelated to war.

“Heavy metals used during wars are toxic, teratogenic and carcinogenic, and this study has shown they pose a health risk to pregnant women and their children, now and in the long-term” said lead researcher, Paola Manduca.

Teratogens disrupt the development of the embryo and can cause birth defects, while carcinogens can cause cancer.

“They are known as endocrine disruptors. They remain in the environment, remain in bodies and accumulate due to chronic exposure if their sources are not eliminated from the environment,” said Manduca.

Such sources include weapon remnants themselves, substances released during the explosion of missiles and shells, and contaminated ruins.

Using Plasma-Mass-coupled spectrometry (ICP-MS), the researchers made comparisons with groups exposed to domestic and agricultural chemicals.

Although women’s heavy metal load was higher than that of the newborns, it was not enough of a difference to protect the babies from harm: the study found an increase in birth defects and preterm births from 2011 data.

The rate of birth defects reported in the Gaza study was 4.5%, compared for example to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) figure of 3% for the United States – the Gaza rate is 50% higher.

Equally worrying, the study documented that the frequency of exposure to military attacks was about 70% in the random sample of 502 mothers, suggesting overall contamination of the entire population.

“Surveillance, bio-monitoring and further research on this subject is essential,” said Paola Manduca. “The risk of transgenerational genetic mutations can not be ruled out.”

Palestinian Civil Society To File A Complaint Before The ICC

Press Release – Palestinian ICC Complaint

More than 50 Palestinian trade unions, associations and organizations plus 500 individual victims will file a complaint with the ICC on July 19, 2017. Read more »

Journalism, History and War: Sit, Type and Bleed

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Journalism, History and War: Sit, Type and Bleed By Ramzy Baroud The typical newsroom set-up, where journalists chase after news headlines dictated by some centralized news gathering agency – often based in some western capital – does not suffice any … Read more »

Dr. Ashrawi conducts separate diplomatic meetings in Ramalla

Press Release – PLO

RAMALLAH, PALESTINE (June 13, 2017) — PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met with the Russian Head of Mission to Palestine Dr. Aydar R. Aganin at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah. Read more »

How Israeli moves are scotching Trump’s “ultimate deal”

Article – Redress Information

A decision by Donald Trump on 1 June could prove fateful for the immediate future of Jerusalem, the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the region. Read more »

How Palestine Disappeared from US Media Coverage

Article – Ramzy Baroud

As if he has, overnight, been transformed into a master politician, Donald Trump’s 27-hour trip to Israel has left many analysts mystified. Read more »

Twenty-Seven Hours: Donald Trump in Israel

Article – Binoy Kampmark

It was time to do the Zionist boogie within a mere period of 27 hours, and anyone wishing to see two muggers of history enjoying each others company found themselves peering at Donald Trump of the United States, and Israels Benjamin Netanyahu, … Read more »

“No end in sight” after five decades of Israeli occupation

Press Release – UNHCHR

No end in sight, says UN human rights expert after five decades of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory Read more »

Full details of Mazen Fuqaha assassination



The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip held a conference Tuesday in Gaza city to give full details regarding the assassination of top Hamas commander, Mazen Fuqaha who was killed last March.

The security campaign has resulted in capturing 45 collaborators with the Israeli Occupation, which constituted a breakthrough and dealt a blow to the Israeli intelligence. Gaza officials reiterated their stance of holding the Israeli Occupation fully responsible over the assassination and all the subsequent consequences arising from it.

The ministry added that the killer was apprehended along with two other people who had main roles in the assassination. Those collaborators admitted that they had received direct orders from Israeli military officers, and that planning the murder had taken 8 months. Read more »

New Charter: Should Hamas Rewrite the Past?

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Now that the Palestinian Islamic Movement, Hamas, has officially changed its Charter, one should not immediately assume that the decision is, in itself, an act of political maturity . Read more »

Open letter to Gerry Brownlee

Press Release – Te Tau Ihu Palestine Solidarity – TeTIPS

We the undersigned were dismayed and alarmed when you, as a newly appointed Foreign Minister, described Aotearoas co-sponsorship of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 (UNSCR 2334) as premature. Moreover we find your retraction … Read more »

PM Press Conference 08/05/17: Australia and foreign affairs

Article – Liana Pantaleo

Prime Minister Bill English smiled as he opened todays press conference saying there are only just over two weeks until the government will announce their budget. He quickly outlined some of the budget announcements already made then went on to … Read more »

Dominion Post editor launches fanciful anti-Israel polemic

Press Release – Shalom.Kiwi

Who recently stated that Israel has warmongering tendencies and is engaging in a deliberate balkanisation programme aimed at sabotaging the twin-state (sic) solution? Read more »

NZ’s new Foreign Minister working to right McCully’s wrong

Press Release – Shalom.Kiwi

One of Gerry Brownlees first acts after becoming Foreign Minister was to offer an olive branch to Israel in the wake of Resolution 2334 . Brownlee wrote to Israeli Prime Minister expressing his desire for the Israeli-New Zealand relationship … Read more »

Why Abbas fears the prisoners’ hunger strike

Article – Redress Information

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is due to meet Donald Trump in the White House on 3 May to discuss reviving the long-cold corpse of the peace process. Read more »

The Real Reasons behind the Palestinian Hunger Strike

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Gaza is the worlds largest open air prison . The West Bank is a prison, too, segmented into various wards, known as areas A, B and C. In fact, all Palestinians are subjected to varied degrees of military restrictions. At some level, they are all prisoners. Read more »

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