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Palestinian Civil Society To File A Complaint Before The ICC

Press Release – Palestinian ICC Complaint

More than 50 Palestinian trade unions, associations and organizations plus 500 individual victims will file a complaint with the ICC on July 19, 2017. Read more »

Journalism, History and War: Sit, Type and Bleed

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Journalism, History and War: Sit, Type and Bleed By Ramzy Baroud The typical newsroom set-up, where journalists chase after news headlines dictated by some centralized news gathering agency – often based in some western capital – does not suffice any … Read more »

Dr. Ashrawi conducts separate diplomatic meetings in Ramalla

Press Release – PLO

RAMALLAH, PALESTINE (June 13, 2017) — PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met with the Russian Head of Mission to Palestine Dr. Aydar R. Aganin at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah. Read more »

How Israeli moves are scotching Trump’s “ultimate deal”

Article – Redress Information

A decision by Donald Trump on 1 June could prove fateful for the immediate future of Jerusalem, the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the region. Read more »

How Palestine Disappeared from US Media Coverage

Article – Ramzy Baroud

As if he has, overnight, been transformed into a master politician, Donald Trump’s 27-hour trip to Israel has left many analysts mystified. Read more »

Twenty-Seven Hours: Donald Trump in Israel

Article – Binoy Kampmark

It was time to do the Zionist boogie within a mere period of 27 hours, and anyone wishing to see two muggers of history enjoying each others company found themselves peering at Donald Trump of the United States, and Israels Benjamin Netanyahu, … Read more »

“No end in sight” after five decades of Israeli occupation

Press Release – UNHCHR

No end in sight, says UN human rights expert after five decades of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory Read more »

Full details of Mazen Fuqaha assassination



The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip held a conference Tuesday in Gaza city to give full details regarding the assassination of top Hamas commander, Mazen Fuqaha who was killed last March.

The security campaign has resulted in capturing 45 collaborators with the Israeli Occupation, which constituted a breakthrough and dealt a blow to the Israeli intelligence. Gaza officials reiterated their stance of holding the Israeli Occupation fully responsible over the assassination and all the subsequent consequences arising from it.

The ministry added that the killer was apprehended along with two other people who had main roles in the assassination. Those collaborators admitted that they had received direct orders from Israeli military officers, and that planning the murder had taken 8 months. Read more »

New Charter: Should Hamas Rewrite the Past?

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Now that the Palestinian Islamic Movement, Hamas, has officially changed its Charter, one should not immediately assume that the decision is, in itself, an act of political maturity . Read more »

Open letter to Gerry Brownlee

Press Release – Te Tau Ihu Palestine Solidarity – TeTIPS

We the undersigned were dismayed and alarmed when you, as a newly appointed Foreign Minister, described Aotearoas co-sponsorship of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 (UNSCR 2334) as premature. Moreover we find your retraction … Read more »

PM Press Conference 08/05/17: Australia and foreign affairs

Article – Liana Pantaleo

Prime Minister Bill English smiled as he opened todays press conference saying there are only just over two weeks until the government will announce their budget. He quickly outlined some of the budget announcements already made then went on to … Read more »

Dominion Post editor launches fanciful anti-Israel polemic

Press Release – Shalom.Kiwi

Who recently stated that Israel has warmongering tendencies and is engaging in a deliberate balkanisation programme aimed at sabotaging the twin-state (sic) solution? Read more »

NZ’s new Foreign Minister working to right McCully’s wrong

Press Release – Shalom.Kiwi

One of Gerry Brownlees first acts after becoming Foreign Minister was to offer an olive branch to Israel in the wake of Resolution 2334 . Brownlee wrote to Israeli Prime Minister expressing his desire for the Israeli-New Zealand relationship … Read more »

Why Abbas fears the prisoners’ hunger strike

Article – Redress Information

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is due to meet Donald Trump in the White House on 3 May to discuss reviving the long-cold corpse of the peace process. Read more »

The Real Reasons behind the Palestinian Hunger Strike

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Gaza is the worlds largest open air prison . The West Bank is a prison, too, segmented into various wards, known as areas A, B and C. In fact, all Palestinians are subjected to varied degrees of military restrictions. At some level, they are all prisoners. Read more »

Meshal : We hold all the cards and every piece of information has its price



The head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Khalid Meshal, revealed a number of mediations offered to Hamas to negotiate indirectly on the issue of prisoner exchange. He stressed that Hamas refused to initiate any negotiations before releasing the prisoners of the Wafa al-Ahrar exchange deal.

During the opening of the longest radio talk show in the world entitled “A million years in prison” Meshal said Saturday that Hamas holds all the cards regarding the issue of the Israeli soldiers captured by the resistance in Gaza Strip, and it will force the leaders of the occupation to deal seriously with the demands of the resistance.

He stated that any piece of information in the “black box” owned by Hamas regarding the captured Israeli soldiers will not be given without a price, and it must be a part of a negotiation process. Read more »

Palestine Museum of Natural History officially opens in Bethlehem

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Opening talk by Professor Qumsiyeh

On behalf of Bethlehem University’s Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability and Palestine Museum of Natural History and Botanical Garden, our staff and volunteers I welcome you. Thank you Brother Peter for the introduction. Welcome to our distinguished guests representatives of the university Brother Peter Bray and other officials, Honorary Minister Adalah Ateereh and other representatives of the Environmental Quality Authority, agriculture and education ministry representatives, Mr. Munib Masri, representatives of civil society organizations, our colleagues, donors, and friends.

This is a dream come true to arrive at this stage, a culmination of countless hours and countless volunteers. It reflects the ten pillars of transformation from the Buddhist philosophy: generosity, ethics, renunciation, wisdom, effort, patience, truthfulness, determination, kindness, and equanimity. We started preparing and working here in Mar Andrea in August 2014. We had a strategy to officially open the museum after five years but here we are with an opening ceremony in about half the time. We consider this a Palestinian national accomplishment. You received a brochure that highlights our mission and goals in research, education and conservation. I want here to quickly highlight our accomplishments (because you will see them on the ground) and highlight our vision going forward and
seek your further support without which we could not do any of this. Read more »

Rt Hon Winston Peters and Security Council Resolution 2334

Opinion – Leslie Bravery

In a Press Release on 12 April, the New Zealand First Leader, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, described as a “false claim” the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s confirmation thatsupport for Security Council Resolution 2334 was consistent with established … Read more »

69th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre

Press Release – PLO

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi marks the 69th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre Read more »

NYPD attacks and detains Palestine activists


Photo: David Moriya

Photo: David Moriya

Palestinian and solidarity activists in New York City, including organizers with Samidoun, New York City Students for Justice in Palestine, the ANSWER Coalition, Workers World Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peoples Power Assembly and SPARC, were arrested on Friday, 7 April by the NYPD as their demonstration against U.S. bombing of Syria was attacked by police. Nine activists were arrested and two more were detained – one seriously attacked physically by police – before being released. The nine arrestees are now all released after several hours of jail support and advocacy by fellow organizers.

The activists were seized by police after about thirty minutes of marching, near 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue. They had marched north after gathering in Union Square. The anti-war rally, with a large contingent of youth, had grown to number in the high hundreds before taking the streets. Read more »

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