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Human rights expert says Israel bent on further annexation

Press Release – UN Human Rights Council

AMMAN (12 July 2019) One of the UNs independent experts has voiced concern about lack of human rights accountability in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, pointing to the actions of an occupying power seemingly bent on further territorial … Read more »

Israel Teaches the Philippine Army to Fight Insurgents

Article – Richard S. Ehrlich

BANGKOK, Thailand — Israel has taught the Philippine Army for the first time how to fight Muslim separatists and communist guerrillas, the latest tightening of relations between the two nations which includes Israeli weapons sales and sharing intelligence … Read more »

UN Special Rapporteur to visit Palestinian territory

Press Release – UNHCHR

UN Special Rapporteur on situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory to conduct visit Read more »

Africa & Palestine’s Noble Legacy Must Never Be Betrayed

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Europes Scramble for Africa began in earnest in 1881, but never ended. The attempt at dominating the continent using old and new strategies continues to define the western relationship with this rich continent. This reality was further validated … Read more »

Any peace plan for Gaza will fail without framework

Press Release – UN Special Procedures – Human Rights

GENEVA (28 June 2019) The international community must insist that any proposal for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the just and durable settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has to be firmly anchored in human rights and … Read more »

Euro-Med urges British gov to stop supplying weapons

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor expressed deep concern over the decision of the British Government to continue to allow exports of arms and ammunition to Israel in a letter to the UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Jeremy Hunt MP … Read more »

Palestine and Kenya: Our Fights Are One and the Same

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Palestinian author and journalist, Dr. Ramzy Baroud arrived to Kenya for a 10-day speaking and media tour starting June 23. Exploring the subject of intersectionality, solidarity and popular resistance, Baroud is set to speak at various universities … Read more »

The Day After: What if Israel Annexes the West Bank?

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Calls for the annexation of the Occupied West Bank are gaining momentum in both Tel Aviv and Washington. But Israel and its American allies should be careful what they wish for. Annexing the Occupied Palestinian Territories will only reinforce the current … Read more »

Euro-med raises concerns with UNESCO about denial of school

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor sent a message to UNESCO Director general, Audrey Azoulay, expressing deep concern at the Israeli authorities’ efforts to stop two Palestinian students from taking up an academic scholarship in France by preventing … Read more »

Annexation is a flagrant violation of international law

Press Release – UN Special Procedures – Human Rights

GENEVA (20 June 2019) – Recent statements by senior Israeli political leaders and US diplomats in support of the annexation of parts or all of the occupied West Bank by Israel fly in the face of the absolute prohibition against the annexation of occupied … Read more »

Palestinians Keep Their Right of Return Alive Through Hope

Article – Ramzy Baroud

World Refugee Day: Palestinians Keep Their Right of Return Alive Through Hope, Resistance Read more »

UN Special Committee on Israeli Practices to visit Jordan

Press Release – United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

GENEVA (14 June 2019) The United Nations Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories will undertake its annual mission to the region from 17 … Read more »

Kushner as a Colonial Administrator

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Kushner as a Colonial Administrator: Lets Talk About the Israeli Model Read more »

UN condemns arrests, violence against Gaza protestors

Press Release – UN News

UN Middle East Coordinator strongly condemns arrests and violence by Hamas security forces during Gaza protests Read more »

Euro-Med condemns repression of protests in Gaza

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor denounced the attack by the security services of the Hamas authority against citizens in the Gaza Strip who were practicing their right to peaceful assembly, freedom of opinion and expression. The Geneva-based … Read more »

The World has lost a Beautiful Soul

Article – Lois Griffiths

I was saddened today to learn of the sudden death of Swedish human rights activist, singer Divina Levrini. I became aware of this young woman when researching the background of participants in the Freedom flotilla 2018 to Gaza. She was one of the participants. Read more »

The HCHR must release data of firms illegally profiting

Press Release – Palestine Liberation Organisation

Dr. Ashrawi: The High Commissioner for Human Rights must release the database of firms profiteering from illegal Israeli settlements w/o further delay Read more »

Accountability needed to end excessive force in Gaza

Press Release – UN Special Procedures – Human Rights

Accountability needed to end excessive use of force against Palestinian protesters in Gaza, says UN expert Read more »

Euro-Med welcomes report by UN Commission of Inquiry on Gaza

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

Euro-Med welcomes report by UN Commission of Inquiry on Gaza protests, calls for accountability Geneva – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor welcomed Thursday the report of the UN committee investigating Israeli violations against Palestinian … Read more »

Gaza probe finds ‘reasonable grounds’ of rights violations

Press Release – UN News

Gaza probe finds reasonable grounds Israeli forces committed international human rights violations Read more »

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