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Prospect of lasting peace ‘fading by the day’ in Gaza – UN

Press Release – UN News

The spectres of violence and radicalism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are growing, and the prospect of sustainable peace is fading by the day, a senior UN envoy in the region told the Security Council on Wednesday. Read more »

As Abbas Ages, Fatah Moves to Consolidate Power

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Five years after spearheading what is inaptly referred to as a government of national reconciliation, Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah, has finally resigned . Read more »

The Significance of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum

Press Release – The Institute for National Security Studies

The Energy Ministers of Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority met in Cairo in mid-January 2019 to discuss the establishment of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, which will serve as the umbrella for cooperation and dialogue … Read more »

Israel Institute condemns Amnesty’s anti-Israel bias

Press Release – Israel Institute

Israel Institute of New Zealand director, Dr David Cumin, is condemning the latest act of anti-Israeli discrimination by Amnesty International calling it an act of blatant bias by a once proud organisation. Dr Cumin was responding to a recent … Read more »

Euro-Med: All countries must act to protect Palestinians

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

The Israeli authorities follow a racist policy in the pursuit and arrest, trial and sentencing of Palestinians, concludes a new human rights report by detailing cases of arbitrary detention, home demolitions, and assaults against Jerusalems Palestinians … Read more »

Rise in settler terrorism

Press Release – PLO

On Saturday afternoon, armed Israeli settlers killed Hamdi Naasan and wounded at least 30 others during their raid on Al-Mughayir village, east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi issued the following … Read more »

EU support is needed to protect Palestinian People’s rights

Press Release – Palestine Liberation Organisation

At the invitation of European Union Representative to Palestine, Ralph Tarraf, PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met on Thursday 24 January 2019 with EU Heads of missions to Palestine. Read more »

Trump administration is Israel’s partner in targeting UNRWA

Press Release – PLO

Following the decision of the so-called National Security Council at the Israeli Prime Ministers office approving a plan to end UNRWA presence in Jerusalem, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi issued the following statement on behalf of the PLO Executive Committee: Read more »

Amos Oz and the real Israel

Article – Redress Information

On 29 December the New York Times (NYT) reported the death of the charismatic Israeli writer Amos Oz. Born in Jerusalem in 1939, Oz was altogether Israeli. That is, he did not come to Palestine from somewhere else. Only nine years old when Israel came … Read more »

Israel’s policies of apartheid and aggression threaten peace

Press Release – Palestine Liberation Organisation

In response to media inquiries regarding Israels opening of a new ‘Apartheid Road in occupied Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, segregating Palestinians from Israeli settlers by an eight-meter-high wall, PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi … Read more »

Systematic violations of Palestinians’ right

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

Euro-Med: PA should open a serious investigation into systematic violations of Palestinians right to peaceful assembly Read more »

PLO on Australia and Jerusalem

Press Release – PLO

In a letter to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Dr. Ashrawi calls on the Australian government to respect its international obligations, refrain from changing its policy on Jerusalem Read more »

Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Press Release – UNHCHR

UN Secretary-General Message for UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 29 November – Statement Only Read more »

The Tide is Turning: Israel Is Losing on Two War Fronts

Article – Ramzy Baroud

The November 12 botched Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip is delineating Tel Avivs failure to utilize its army as a tool to achieve Palestinian political concessions. Read more »

Top Hamas leader receives South African envoy in Gaza



The head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh has received South Africa’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority Ashraf Suliman in his office in Gaza and discussed the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause.

Haniyeh expressed his deep gratitude to South Africa’s historical position towards the Palestinian cause hailing its stance against the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The top Hamas leader discussed with the South African diplomat the latest developments regarding the efforts exerted to break the Israeli siege on Gaza and end the Palestinian people’s suffering in the impoverished enclave.

Haniyeh deplored the US decision to put Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri on its ‘terror blacklist,’ calling on South Africa to pressure the US to reverse the Israeli occupation-biased decision.

The ambassador of South Africa Ashraf Suliman reiterated South Africa’s positive stance towards Palestinian people, stressing that his country denounces the latest Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip

Suliman praised international and regional endeavours to break Gaza Siege, confirming that South Africa supports these efforts to end the suffering of the Palestinian people, remove the Israeli blockade, and achieve Palestinian national reconciliation.

Netanyahu Supports the Death Penalty against Palestinians

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Right-wing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is escalating his war on the Palestinian people, although for reasons almost entirely related to Israeli politics. He has just given the greenlight to a legislation that would make it easier for Israeli … Read more »

UN human rights expert urges action to stop Israel

Press Release – UNHCHR

NEW YORK (24 October 2018) A UN human rights expert said it was high time the international community takes firm action to stop Israels annexation of large parts of the West Bank through settlement expansion and legislative initiatives, … Read more »

‘A Cruel Choice’: Why Israel Targets Palestinian Schools

Article – Ramzy Baroud

Several Palestinian students, along with teachers and officials, were wounded in the Israeli army attack on a school south of Nablus in the West Bank on October 15. The students of Al- Sawiya Al-Lebban Mixed School were challenging an Israeli military … Read more »

Dr. Ashrawi delivers talks and conducts meetings in Berlin

Press Release – Palestine Liberation Organisation

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi traveled to Berlin, Germany and gave a lecture at the Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought entitled, Peace in Palestine – can this dream still come true? on October 18. Following her talk, … Read more »

Gaza: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

By Julie Webb-Pullman


Trapped between the Zionist colonial – nay, genocidal – project on one side, and the Mediterranean on the other, the people of Gaza have literally only one option – to resist.

Illegally blockaded for 11 years, illegally occupied for 70, illegally assaulted militarily three times in the past 10, there is little left in Gaza but sheer human determination.

Determination to return to the lands stolen from under their feet in 1948 by the Zionist project, aided and abetted by the British, and by the fledgling United Nations – in breach of Article 2 of its own Charter.

Determination to end a criminal blockade that has destroyed any semblance of a functioning economy, destroyed any prospects of employment for 80% of its youth, destroyed maintenance let alone advancement of medicine, technology, agriculture, fisheries, industry, and manufacturing.

Determination to survive despite three brutal military offensives that destroyed most infrastructure – power plant, water wells, sewage treatment stations, factories, roads, hospitals and clinics (yes, Israel bombs hospitals full of patients), and schools (yes, Israel bombs schools full of refugees as well as schools full of children) – and despite the founding of an International Criminal Court to “end impunity” for such crimes.

No family in Gaza has been left unscathed: every family has lost loved ones to Israeli bars, bullets, bombs or barbarity. Some families have been entirely erased from the face of the earth. All Gaza’s families want the same thing: to live in dignity and prosperity in their own land.

They have tried literally everything.

Even peaceful demonstrations in their own country are met with live fire from across the fence, chemical weapons launched from sovereignty-breaching drones– and facile mealy-mouthed reprimands from the international bodies charged with upholding human rights and international law on whom they should be able to rely – but cannot, as history has so severely taught them.

This 70 year lesson has not been lost, even if almost everything else has been.

Today Gazans understand only too well what their options are.

So, too, must a world that has played a large part in cornering this cat. What transpires in Gaza today will be the logical – if completely avoidable – outcome of a century of imperialism and impunity.

And it will not end until they do.

As Fidel Castro said at his trial on 16 October 1953, almost exactly 65 years ago: “It is not with blood that you can pay for the lives of those who died for the wellbeing of a people; the happiness of that people is the only deserving price that can be paid for them. Moreover, my comrades are not forgotten nor dead; they live today more than ever and their murderers will see in terror how from their heroic corpses the victorious specter of their ideas rise.”

You will see them at the fence today.

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