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Israel Institute condemns Amnesty’s anti-Israel bias

Press Release – Israel Institute

Israel Institute of New Zealand director, Dr David Cumin, is condemning the latest act of anti-Israeli discrimination by Amnesty International calling it an act of blatant bias by a once proud organisation. Dr Cumin was responding to a recent … Read more »

Euro-Med: All countries must act to protect Palestinians

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

The Israeli authorities follow a racist policy in the pursuit and arrest, trial and sentencing of Palestinians, concludes a new human rights report by detailing cases of arbitrary detention, home demolitions, and assaults against Jerusalems Palestinians … Read more »

Rise in settler terrorism

Press Release – PLO

On Saturday afternoon, armed Israeli settlers killed Hamdi Naasan and wounded at least 30 others during their raid on Al-Mughayir village, east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi issued the following … Read more »

Hamas condemns failed coup against elected Venezuelan President



The Hamas Movement condemns the failed coup against the elected President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

In addition, the movement denounces the US gross interference in Venezuelan domestic affairs. The US attempt to orchestrate a coup d’etat is a continuation of the US aggressive policy that violates democratic principles and peoples’ free will. Indeed, the US demeanor poses a threat to the world’s security and stability.

Finally, Hamas hails the Venezuelan people who are immune to conspiracies. It also extends the Palestinian people’s gratitude to the Venezuelan government for its unconditional and tremendous support for the Palestinian cause.

Hamas Movement

Friday, January 25, 2019

EU support is needed to protect Palestinian People’s rights

Press Release – Palestine Liberation Organisation

At the invitation of European Union Representative to Palestine, Ralph Tarraf, PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met on Thursday 24 January 2019 with EU Heads of missions to Palestine. Read more »

Trump administration is Israel’s partner in targeting UNRWA

Press Release – PLO

Following the decision of the so-called National Security Council at the Israeli Prime Ministers office approving a plan to end UNRWA presence in Jerusalem, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi issued the following statement on behalf of the PLO Executive Committee: Read more »

Amos Oz and the real Israel

Article – Redress Information

On 29 December the New York Times (NYT) reported the death of the charismatic Israeli writer Amos Oz. Born in Jerusalem in 1939, Oz was altogether Israeli. That is, he did not come to Palestine from somewhere else. Only nine years old when Israel came … Read more »

Israel’s policies of apartheid and aggression threaten peace

Press Release – Palestine Liberation Organisation

In response to media inquiries regarding Israels opening of a new ‘Apartheid Road in occupied Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, segregating Palestinians from Israeli settlers by an eight-meter-high wall, PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi … Read more »