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Optimism & new year resolutions from Bethlehem

Mazin Qumsiyeh


This is the last weekly message of 2018, a year with good and bad points
but we here in the birthplace of Jesus remain optimistic about the future.
I will not bore you by recapping the big geopolitical good points like the
beginning of the demise of the US/Zionist “Saudi” puppet regime or the
withdrawal of the ISIS main enabler and funder in Syria (the USA government
and its tails) or the growing realization that those who serve US and
Israeli colonial interests will be eventually abandoned. Neither will I
saddle you with the details of the negative things that happened
geopolitically such as the political gains of right-wing anti-human and
anti-environment politicians in places like Latin America and Europe or the
unilateral moves by Mahmoud Abbas (whose term has expired nine years ago)
to become a dictator in the West Bank thus facilitating the boldness of
colonial Jewish settlers demolishing homes and murdering civilians now
almost daily. So what can we say about 2018? Read more »

Hamas: Abbas’ decision to dissolve Palestinian Legislative Council illegal



On Abbas’ announcement that the illegal ‘Constitutional Court’ decided to dissolve the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hamas movement states the following:

The Hamas Movement rejects the decision of the so-called ‘Constitutional Court’ that was established by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to legitimize his arbitrary decisions. Indeed, Abbas’ decision to dissolve the Palestinian Legislative Council has neither constitutional nor legal value. It is an invalid political decision because it is issued by an illegal body.

Abbas should have extended his hands to Haniyeh’s invitation to hold a joint meeting, thereby ending the Palestinian division. Instead, Abbas opted to ruin the Palestinian political system, maintain his unilateralism, and dissolve the legal institutions of the Palestinian people – all of this is just to serve his partisan interests.

Therefore, all segments, factions and parliamentary blocs along with all the Palestinian people should hinder Abbas’ illegal and irresponsible measures targeting the Legislative Council.

On the other hand, Hamas stresses that it is prepared to run for ‘consensual general elections’ if Fatah pledges to accept the results, whatever they are.

Finally, we call on Egypt to block Abbas’ measures that are a fatal blow to the Egyptian endeavours aimed to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

Hamas Movement

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions warns against Israeli atrocities

Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions


The Israeli occupation perpetrated an atrocious crime to add to its criminal record against the Palestinian people, when Israeli snipers targeted peaceful protesters at the Great Return March last Friday, December 21, 2018.

The deliberate Israeli shooting of civilians resulted in killing four Palestinian civilians and the injuring of dozens of Palestinian protesters.

After thorough investigations, the Palestinian resistance has found out that the Palestinian victims were targeted 300-600 meters away from the separation fence, proving the Israeli snipers’ premeditated murder of Palestinians posing no threat to the Israeli forces deployed along the fence.

In fact, what happened last Friday is an atrocious act reflecting the occupation’s criminal mentality as they deliberately kill the peaceful protesters in cold blood.

In light of this crime, the Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions states the following:

FIRST: The criminal acts of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people have crossed all the red lines. Hence, the Palestinian resistance will never stand still before the Israeli atrocities.

SECOND: When it comes to the blood, pain, and dignity, no humanitarian assistance will dissuade the Palestinian resistance from fulfilling their national duty. The resistance will defend the Palestinian people against any Israeli aggression.

THIRD: We declare that next Friday will be a real test for the occupation and its bad intentions. If the occupation continues using excessive and disproportionate violence against the protesters, the Palestinian resistance will respond to the atrocious Israeli acts.

The Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Hamas condemns Israeli arbitrary killing of children, journalists at Great Return March



On the Israeli arbitrary killing of children and journalists at the Great Return March, the Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stressed the following:

The deliberate Israeli targeting and killing of Palestinian protesters at the Great Return March is a new crime added to the Israeli occupation’s criminal record. Now, the Israeli occupation sheds the blood of the innocent Palestinians without any sense of guilt. It grossly ignores the demands of the Palestinian people for freedom and for lifting the crippling blockade, while turning a blind eye to human rights and the international community.

The incitement to murder by the Israeli leaders has led to the use of lethal force by Israeli forces to disperse the peaceful Palestinian protesters. Indeed, the calculated and systematic excessive use of force against the protesters is a ‘political decision’ taken by the top Israeli leaders.

The repeated crimes and deliberate targeting of children, women, medical staff and journalists by the Israeli forces deployed along the Gaza separation fence reflect the predetermination of the Israeli occupation to kill Palestinian civilians. They also highlight the Israeli intention to breach the ceasefire understandings.

Therefore, Hamas calls on all mediators and the international community to intervene immediately in order to compel the occupation to stop its atrocious acts against the Palestinian people. They must pressure the Israeli occupation to adhere to the ceasefire understandings, and lift the Gaza siege immediately.

Fawzi Barhoum

Hamas Spokesperson

Friday, December 21, 2018

Hamas calls on WFP to reverse food cuts decision



The Hamas Movement rejects the justifications of the UN World Food Program to cut food services offered to the impoverished Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The reduced services are expected to inflict horrific outcomes on hundreds of thousands of the Palestinian people who depend on the food assistance provided by WFP as their sole livelihood.

The WFP’s services are extremely necessary, especially during the recurrent situation, as the Palestinian people have been experiencing difficult humanitarian conditions resulted from the 12-year Israeli siege on Gaza and suffocating Israeli policies.

Therefore, Hamas calls on the WFP to reverse its cuts and to do its best to cover its declining donation.

We also urge the international community and donors to provide immediate support for the WFP which provides critical services for the impoverished Palestinian refugees.

Hamas Movement

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Tension and Isolation at al-Damon Women’s Prison



On 17 Dec 2018 Addameer’s lawyer and director Sahar Francis visited al-Damon prison were all Palestinian women detainees are held currently. Sahar’s visit did not last for even 15 minutes as the prison administration canceled the visit and informed Sahar that there is an emergency situation.

It came to Addameer’s knowledge today, 18 Dec 2018 that women in detention are still targeted especially those who were transferred from Hasharon prison after protesting the operation of the cameras.

Prisoners at al-Damon informed Addameer’s lawyers that the prison administration asked some workers from the civil prisoners to repair the sewage system in room number 11 in the Women section at Al-Damon. The room has 7 women prisoners who went into their recreational time during the reparations. Though, the deputy administrator of the women’s section claimed that she have asked the women to stay in the toilet during the reparations rather than the yard. The women reaffirmed that they did not know of such a request and this is why they went to the yard to take their recreational time.

The women in detention added that the prison administration got outraged and took the prisoner Yasmin Sha’ban to isolation. Yasmin was put in the lawyer’s visit room form 12 PM until 5:30 PM and she was sentenced in a disciplinary hearing to have no family visits for a month, a fine of 100 – 600 Shekels from the canteen money, and to receive no letter for two months.

In addition to the measures taken against Yasmin, Israeli forces raided room number 11 and confiscated all electronic equipment except for one heater. All of this led the girls in this room to protest through refusing the recreational time, and this led the administration to let Yasmin out of isolation at 5:30 PM as mentioned before. The prison administration informed the women in the room that they will have a disciplinary hearing.

Addameer sees that there is direct targeting of women in detention especially those who were transferred from Hasharon prison to al-Demon prison after protesting new punitive measures against them for two months in September 2018.

According to Addameer there are now 53 women detained at al-Damon, this includes two minors and two women under administrative detention.

Systematic violations of Palestinians’ right

Press Release – Euro-Med Monitor

Euro-Med: PA should open a serious investigation into systematic violations of Palestinians right to peaceful assembly Read more »

Press release on Hamas’ 31st Anniversary



On this day 31 years ago the Hamas movement began a journey to struggle for freedom against the Israeli occupation. Throughout this journey, the movement has made enormous sacrifices in order to fulfill the aspirations of the Palestinian people: FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, and RETURN.

Throughout its life, the Hamas movement has faced huge challenges and concerted attempts to suppress, beleaguer and break the movement. Despite this the movement has succeeded in building up its structure, enhancing its capabilities and putting forward a clear political vision. Hamas has steered its compass towards Palestine, neutralizing all internal conflicts and minor issues. Indeed, the movement has made resisting the Israeli occupation its sole objective, utilizing all the capabilities of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories or in the diaspora to serve the national project of the Palestinians. Read more »

PLO on Australia and Jerusalem

Press Release – PLO

In a letter to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Dr. Ashrawi calls on the Australian government to respect its international obligations, refrain from changing its policy on Jerusalem Read more »

HAMAS Press Release on 31st anniversary of First Intifada



On the Palestinian people’s uprising in face of the Israeli occupation

After 20 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip the First Intifada (uprising) broke out amid Israeli attempts to brainwash and whitewash the Palestinian people. Indeed, the First Intifada erupted to prove that the Palestinian people are entrenched in their homeland and determined to preserve their national identity, as they refused to give in to the Israeli distortion of their national consciousness and attempts to sever their ties to their homeland.

On this day in 1987, the Palestinian people revolted all over the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip to place their cause back on the world’s agenda after twenty years of isolation attempts. In other words, some parties had tried to deprioritize the Palestinian cause by isolating the Palestinians from the Arab and Islamic nations and by crushing their will in order to yield to the Israeli Occupation and its colonial policies.

The First Intifada was a milestone for the Palestinian resistance as it practically enhanced the national unity and boosted coordination among the Palestinians at all levels. Therefore, the First Intifada was a unifying, popular uprising characterised by a rock-solid social fabric and strong social ties among the Palestinian people, who fought off the Israeli policy of collective punishment.

Thirty-one years after the eruption of the First Intifada the Palestinian people need to stand together and reunite on the basis of true partnership, and restructure the national project on the basis of strict principles, especially following the latest US efforts to criminalise the Palestinian resistance by submitting a draft resolution at UNGA condemning the Palestinian people’s freedom struggle against the occupation.

Amid the dangers and schemes targeting the Palestinian cause, above all the ‘Deal of the Century,’ the Palestinian people have to take a firm and united stance against the occupation, just as the one adopted to foil the US-proposed resolution denouncing the Palestinian resistance. Any bid to distort history, recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli Occupation’s capital, and liquidate the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homeland is doomed to failure.

The Palestinian people have continued their freedom struggle against the occupation through their participation in the Great March of Return using all peaceful means of resistance.

In light of these heroic stances and sacrifices, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following:

First: Hamas hails the Palestinian people for standing steadfast in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, and the 1948 occupied territories in the face of the Israeli schemes. We praise the Palestinians for upholding their rights and embracing the option of resistance until their demands are met.

Second: Hamas thanks the Palestinian diplomats for their efforts to foil the US draft resolution condemning the Palestinian resistance and lauds all the UN member states who voted against this resolution and stood with the just cause of the Palestinians.

On the other hand, Hamas calls on all states who sided with the US administration and Israeli Occupation at the UN to reconsider their stance and rectify the historic and dangerous mistake they made.

Third: Hamas reiterates its full support for the Great March of Return and pledges to stand with the Palestinian people in their popular and peaceful protests.

Fourth: Resisting the occupation by all means possible, including armed struggle, is a legitimate right guaranteed by all international conventions and laws. Resistance is a strategic choice to preserve the Palestinian cause and restore the Palestinian national rights. Moreover, the US ‘bullying policy’ cannot deny the Palestinians these internationally-guaranteed rights.

Fifth: The circumstances that led to the outbreak of the First Intifada are ongoing and the Israeli Occupation continues to pursue a ‘bullying policy’ with a blatant US cover-up. Thus, the Palestinian people are still prepared to defend their rights and counter the dangers posed to their cause.

Sixth: We reject the ‘Deal of the Century,’ along with all proposed solutions aiming at liquidating the Palestinian cause, waiving the Palestinian national constants, or de-legitimising Palestinian rights at the UN.

Seventh: Hamas calls on the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to end the punitive measures imposed on Gaza, which has been under a tight Israeli siege for more than 12 years.

Eight: Achieving national unity and restructuring the national project is on top of Hamas’ agenda. Resisting the occupation and fighting off its colonial policies will not be possible unless a complete partnership between all Palestinian factions is formed at the political, military, and diplomatic levels.

Ninth: All attempts to normalise ties with the Israeli Occupation are doomed to failure. Treating the Israeli Occupation like a normal state is a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and a sin that the Palestinians, along with the Arab and Islamic nations, will never forgive.

Hamas Movement

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Statement by Hamas Chief on Palestinian triumph at UNGA



We followed up the UNGA session yesterday where the world countries supported the Palestinian people and their right to resist the Israeli occupation.

It was a precedent for the United States to propose a draft resolution condemning the Palestinian resistance, but the world’s conscience foiled the US efforts against Hamas along with all the Palestinian resistance factions.

On this occasion, I would like to laud all the countries that opposed the Israeli occupation and its aggressive policies. Moreover, they rejected the occupation’s false narrative and challenged the threats of the Trump administration.

Indeed, the failure of the Trump administration to pass the draft resolution is a milestone for the Palestinian people and the brotherly countries, which upheld the moral values and voted against the US-proposed draft resolution.

Furthermore, I do appreciate the efforts of the Palestinian Authority exerted by the Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riad Mansour to support the Palestinian resistance. This stance reflects that the Palestinian national concerns can unite us to overcome the challenges together.

In addition, I express my thanks to the Arab, Islamic, and international advocacy that mobilized efforts to fail the Trump administration’s endeavours.

On the other hand, we condemn all the states that exhibited hypocrisy and supported the Israeli occupation, settlement, blockade, judaization of Jerusalem, desecration of the holy places, and arrest of thousands of Palestinians.

Finally, this political support for the Palestinians and their resistance highlights the legitimacy of the Palestinian freedom struggle and the failure of the Israeli occupation to persuade the world countries of its aggressive policies, as they realize that the real terrorism is the Israeli occupation to our land and holy places.

Ismail Haniyeh

Head of Hamas Political Bureau

Friday, December 7, 2018