AlSinwar: We will use all means to break Israeli siege on Gaza


Memorial service held in Gaza Friday night to honour Nour Baraka

Memorial service held in Gaza Friday night to honour Nour Baraka

Head of Hamas Political Bureau in Gaza Yahya AlSinwar said on Friday that his movement “will use all means necessary to break the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than 11 years.”

During a memorial service held in Gaza on Friday night to honour Nour Baraka, AlSinwar said, “We do not bargain our rights with our food. We decided to break the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza by whatever means; through international brokers, peaceful protests or any other means.”

Nour Baraka was the Qassam Commander who was assassinated by a squad of Israeli Special Forces who conducted a disastrous incursion into Khan Younis last week.

“We will never bargain our resistance with milk for our children, food for our people or medical treatment for our patients,” he said, stressing that these are basic rights for Gaza’s residents, as they are for everyone else.

AlSinwar added, “We will never lay down our guns. We will use our guns to defend our rights as well as using all other means.”

The Hamas leader sent a message to the national Palestinian factions, asking them to come together at the same table and start a serious dialogue based on Palestinian rights, unity, and national partnership.

He applauded the success of the latest example of national partnership, saying, “During the recent three-day Israeli offensive on Gaza, 13 Palestinian military factions worked together and did a very good job in defending the Palestinian people in Gaza and deterring the Israeli aggression.”

In a pointed reference to the Palestinian Authority the Hamas leader said, “The victory of the Palestinian factions in Gaza is a message to the Palestinians who maintain security cooperation with the Israeli occupation… If the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank had a leadership that supported their resistance, they would have won many Palestinian rights.”

Directing his next comments to the Israeli’s, he added, “My advice to the Israeli occupation is that it should not repeat its failed incursion or send its Special Forces again, because next time it will not be easy for them.”

Sinwar sent his final message to the Arab capitals who are normalising relations with the Israeli occupation.

“You build up ties with the Israeli occupation in order to consolidate your thrones, but this will never help, and you will be the loser,” he concluded.

Thousands attend the memorial service

Thousands attend the memorial service