Hamas warns against undermining reconciliation and ceasefire, Great Return March to continue



Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran today warned against efforts exerted by the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to foil the Egyptian endeavors aimed at restoring reconciliation and healing the internal rift.

“The policies of Abbas have hindered reconciliation and achieved nothing on the ground,” Badran said.

He explained that Abbas’ insistence on isolating all factions and monopolizing national decision-making has undermined Egypt’s efforts to restore national unity.

Gaza’s future

The senior Hamas leader stated that Hamas spares no effort to alleviate the plight of the Gaza Strip, and the first step towards that goal is the national reconciliation.

“All sides know that Hamas has made a number of concessions to make Egypt’s efforts regarding the national reconciliation succeed, as this goal is a priority for the resistance movement,” Badran said.

The Hamas leader noted that internal reconciliation must be achieved on the basis of national partnership and reinforcement of the reconciliation agreements that have been consensually signed, above all the 2011 Cairo agreement.

Badran stressed that Qatar is exerting great efforts to alleviate the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

“All sides should exert efforts to mitigate the aggravating situation in Gaza”, Badran said. “It is not acceptable to link the Palestinians’ basic needs with partisan-related demands that contradict the national consensus.”

The Politburo member noted that circumstances in the Gaza Strip are very complex, and highlighted the conflicting political and security stances adopted by the Israeli occupation’s leaders towards the coastal territory.

Badran mentioned that ongoing pressure on the Gaza Strip will inevitably lead to an explosion if it is not alleviated, and an escalation would inflict negative consequences on all parties.

He reiterated that the Palestinian people do not want any further wars, reminding the Israeli occupation has been the aggressor in all offensives against the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas leader stressed that the Palestinian people have been showing their creativity in the Great Return March, and they will continue making sacrifices while participating in their peaceful protests to demand the Israeli occupation forces remove the blockade on Gaza.

“Our people are persistent to go on [in their march] regardless of the future circumstances,” he continued.

Since March 2018, the Palestinian people have been taking part in mass protests along the Gaza fence to demand the implementation of UN Resolution 194, which states that Palestinian refugees should be permitted to go back to their homeland “at the earliest practicable date.”

The peaceful protesters also demand the lifting of the crippling siege the Israeli occupation has been imposing on the Gaza Strip for more than 12 years.

Israeli forces have responded to the Palestinian mass protests with excessive violence, leaving hundreds of Palestinian dead, and thousands of causalities.

Regarding the situation in the West Bank, Badran said “We trust that the Palestinian people in the West Bank will continue their resistance against the Israeli occupation in spite of the complicated situation,” referring both to Israeli arrests, and the security collaboration that the Palestinian Authority maintains with the Israeli occupation despite national opposition to what most consider a gross crime.