Mesha’al: Eight challenges for Palestinian leadership



Former Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Khalid Mesh’al said today that the Palestinian leadership, including Hamas, should overcome certain challenges to save the Palestinian cause.

In a scientific conference held in Gaza titled Hamas: 30 Years on: Reality and Hopes, Mesh’al said that there are eight challenges for the Palestinian leadership, adding that the first is making a big turn in the resistance process, and fighting the Israeli Occupation ahead of liberating Palestine.

Mesh’al added that the Palestinian leaders have the responsibility to find a solution to the division based on the national principles is another challenge posed to the Palestinian cause, reiterating the necessity to end the split and build our national unity and national project after redefinition.

Mesh’al explained that reforming the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and redefining the Palestinian Authority (PA) is another challenge for the Palestinian cause, adding that the PLO must open its doors to all Palestinians, rather than remaining monopolised by a certain party.

He noted that Gaza has the right to live without a siege, urging the PA to halt its security collaboration with the Israeli Occupation and pressure it to end settlement expansion in the West Bank.

He called on all the Palestinian people to unite behind the Palestinian resistance to support Palestinians in Jerusalem.

He reaffirmed the need for all the Palestinian factions, not only Hamas, to keep up with the development of the conflict with the Israeli Occupation.

“We need to regain consideration of the Palestinian cause and make it a top priority of Arabs in light of the crises hitting the region, and we need to make breakthroughs in the international arena,” he continued.

The Hamas leader called for boycotting the Israeli occupation, and prosecuting its leader for war crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

Regarding the claims by some sides that Hamas wants to isolate Gaza from the West Bank, Mesh’al said, “Gaza will not be a separate part of the future Palestinian state.”

Concerning the efforts that Hamas exerts to lift the blockade on Gaza, Mesh’al stressed that the movement has the right to strive to end the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza, noting, “Hamas does not care about others who downplay its work.”

Mesh’al explained that Hamas sent the Palestinian factions a message that it does not want to put all the burden on Gaza, urging them to find new ways of fighting the Israeli occupation.

“We want a resistance project laid on the shoulders of all Palestinians,” he concluded.