Is PA security collaboration treason?



Palestinian factions have condemned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks boasting about security collaboration with the Israeli Occupation and his relation with the chief of the Israeli Intelligence, Service Nadav Argaman. They have also denounced Abbas’ confessions that he maintained ‘regular meetings’ with Argaman, who has brutally tortured many Palestinians.

But criticism and condemnation alone will not heal the wounds inflicted on the Palestinian cause, nor will they end the tragedy of people who have been suffering from it, especially those who also suffer oppression at the hands of the Israeli Occupation forces.

The Israeli intelligence’s core work is security information that is employed against the Palestinians in favour of the Zionists occupying all of Palestine, including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli intelligence strips the Palestinian people of their dignity.

Its latest ‘achievement’ is perpetrating hundreds of violations against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, including shooting 114 Palestinians, the detention of 365 civilians, the demolition of 35 houses, 795 break-ins, and the storming into Al-Aqsa Mosque. And that is just the crimes committed in August in the West Bank – Gaza has its own list of criminal oppression.

The aforementioned atrocities are the poisoned fruit of the security collaboration between the Israeli intelligence and the PA security forces, fruits the Israeli Occupation has reaped at the expense of the Palestinian cause. Poisoned fruits sanctified by Abbas even if they liquidate the Palestinian cause before the Palestinian factions’ eyes, and strip Palestinians of their last vestiges of dignity.


Condemnation, opposition, and criticism of Abbas’ policies will not deter him from undermining the Palestinian national consensus. Action is needed – demonstrations, sit-ins, and real opposition up to the level of civil disobedience if necessary – to send a clear message that security collaboration with the Israeli Occupation is a gross treason, as stated in the National Consensus Document that was signed by all Palestinian factions in Cairo in 2011:

“Providing the enemy with information that threatens Palestine and its civilians is considered as a high treason that deserves punishment under the law.” (Page 7, Para 3)

This begs two questions:
1) Does Abbas exchange security information with the chief of the Israeli intelligence during their meetings, that negatively affects Palestinians?
2) What are the penalties for such behaviour?

If the answer to the first question is yes – and how could it be other – then treason is the inescapable conclusion.

The answer to the second is equally clear:

“He, who collaborates with the enemy, provides it with information, or exposes any act of Palestinian resistance to danger shall be sentenced to death,” says Article 140 of the Revolutionary Judiciary Law issued by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1979, from which the National Consensus Document statement on homeland security was derived.


We therefore call on all segments of the Palestinian people to file high treason charges against Mahmoud Abbas pursuant to the Revolutionary Judiciary Law that was approved by all the PLO factions, and according to the 2011 National Consensus Document, which was signed by all the Palestinian factions – including Fatah.