Hamas: We don’t seek war but we are prepared to defend our people



“We don’t seek war but we are well prepared to defend our people if the Israeli occupation decided to attack them,” Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, Yahyia al-Sinwar, said.

During a press conference with Gaza youth held on Tuesday in Gaza city, al-Sinwar reiterated his Movement’s preparation for any Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip if forced into one.

“During this period we are willing to stabilize the 2014 cease-fire with the Israeli Occupation in return for ending the 12-year-long siege imposed on our people in the coastal encalve,” he stressed.

In an effort to end the crippling siege, Palestinians in Gaza organized the Great March of Return last March where they headed towards the separation fence and demanded for the siege to be lifted and to return to their original homeland. However, they were met with brutal force from Israeli soldiers who killed more than 180 peaceful civilians and wounded thousands of others.

“The Great March of Return brought the Israeli Occupation to the conviction that an inevitable explosion in the Gaza Strip will happen and will affect the Occupation due to this choking siege,” al-Sinwar continued.

He added, “as a result the international community rushed to propose solutions to ease the humanitarian crises in the Gaza Strip, not for the love of the citizens in Gaza, but for the sake of the Israeli Occupation’s security which will be affected from the repercussions that will arise from this inhumane siege.”

“The Great March of Return is the choice of our people and their mean to achieve their goals of returning back to their homeland and lifting the siege on Gaza, and they will continue unabated until these goals are achieved,” al-Sinwar confirmed. :

Plot to destabilise Gaza

During the conference al-Sinwar revealed that a plot aimed to destabilise Gaza last winter by causing an internal crisis.

“The Israeli Shin Bet and unfortunetly with the coordination with some Palestinian figures sought to prevent a Palestinian reconciliation and one of the ways of doing so was the attempted assassination of Gaza’s Security Forces commander, Tawfiq Abu Naim and the attack on Palestinian PM Rami al-Hamdallah.

Despite all these plots, al-Sinwar reiterated his Movement’s stance in wanting to achieve a reconciliation.

He concluded by praising the citizens of Gaza for their steadfastness and patience during these difficult times and honoured the sacrifices they have made in their fight for a better life.