Hamas to break Gaza siege regardless of Abbas’ opposition



Member of Hamas Political Bureau Salah Al-Bardawil stated that his movement would continue exerting efforts to pressure the Israeli Occupation to lift the siege imposed on Gaza Strip despite attempts of some sides to hinder this move.

In an interview with Al-Aqsa TV Channel, Al-Bardawil added that the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas foiled Egypt’s efforts to break the Israeli-imposed siege on the Gaza Strip, as part of PA’s bid to pave the way for the ‘deal of the century’ which aims at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

Regarding Abbas’ claims that the ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation is part of the ‘deal of the century’, Al-Bardawil stressed that his movement is exerting efforts to hammer out a truce with the Israeli Occupation in parallel with achieving the national reconciliation.

Al-Bardawil criticized the PA for maintaining its sanctions on the Gaza Strip, reiterating that the movement is prepared to run for elections at all levels.

“Some independent surveys showed that the Palestinian people will continue their popular protests along the Gaza’s eastern borders until the siege imposed on the coastal enclave is lifted,” he added.

Al-Bardawil stressed that the siege will be broken despite the PA’s rejection and the movement will mobilize all possible efforts to do that. He also confirmed that the Palestinian factions handle the current situation through a ‘joint operations room’.

He added, ‘The peaceful demonstrations at the Great Return March are one card, and the ability of resistance factions, the will and awareness of the Palestinian masses are other trump cards.’