Hamas: Five strategies to preserve Palestinian cause as ‘deal of century’ looms



Top Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said that national efforts exerted to save the Palestinian cause from being liquidated must be laid on five strategic foundations:

First: Continuous protection of resistance, as we are living in a world that respects only the strong.

Second: We have to build national Palestinian unity based on respecting partnership, adhering to the Palestinian agreements, and rebuilding the Palestinian homeland.

Third: We have to be open to elements of the Ummah, all the parties, world countries, and blocs. We represent a cause, which needs our support.

Forth: We have to work on ending the siege imposed on Gaza. No one can undermine Gaza’s patriotism and resistance.

Fifth: Hamas was, and is still, insisting to go to Cairo along with all the Palestinian factions on the basis of partnership in taking national decisions.

Hamas is a movement of national liberation and is an essential part of the Palestinian people, Haniyeh said during his speech at a scientific conference held in Gaza titled Hamas: 30 Years on… Reality and Hopes.

Haniyeh warned that ‘The Deal of the Century’ targets Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugee issue, and their right of return.

Regarding the Great March of Return, Hanyia stressed that the Palestinian people will continue their popular protests until the Israeli Occupation lifts its 12-year siege on Gaza.

Haniyeh noted that the sole enemy of the Palestinian people, including Hamas, is the Israeli Occupation.

He confirmed that Hamas is committed to its ethics, which establish good relations with its people and all the Palestinian factions adding, “We may have political differences, but we do not have enmity at all.”

Former Head of Hamas Political Bureau Khalid Mesh’al also addressed the challenges facing Palestine in his speech at the conference.

High-ranking member of Hamas Political Bureau, Fathi Hamad, also participated in the conference, and stressed that ‘The Deal of the Century’ is a most appalling crime targeting the Palestinian cause.

He confirmed that his movement will foil this deal and preserve the Palestinian people’s rights and constants, concluding that Hamas has gone through pain and has been put under pressure, yet it has been following a moderate strategy in its fight for Palestinians’ rights and constants.