Hamas briefs Palestinian factions on Cairo visit outcomes



Hamas held a meeting with the Palestinian factions in Gaza to discuss the latest developments of the Palestinian cause and briefed them on the outcome of its meeting with the Egyptian officials in Cairo.

The member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran said that the meeting came after Hamas’ visit to Cairo and its Politburo’s arrival in Gaza to discuss the latest updates concerning the national reconciliation, ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation, and the process of ending the siege on Gaza.

Badran noted that the Palestinian people have the final word to decide on their future.

He reiterated the necessity to take the Palestinians’ stances towards the ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation and their demands into consideration when discussing the proposals to ease the siege on Gaza.

Badran stressed that all the people of Palestine are united in the face of the Israeli Occupation and will not waive their rights under any pressure.

He restated that his Movement will not accept a state in Gaza while isolating the coastal enclave from the West Bank.

He reaffirmed his Movement’s commitment to the understandings reached between Hamas and Fatah in 2011 and 2014 and outcome of the National Council meeting in 2017.

Regarding the 11-year siege on Gaza, Badran demonstrated that his Movement, along with the Palestinian factions, is striving for lifting the siege imposed by the Israeli Occupation on Gaza without waiving the Palestinians’ rights and constants in return.

Concerning Hamas’ visit to Cairo, the Politburo’s member Khalil al-Hayya said that the Egyptian officials submitted a proposal to achieve the national reconciliation to his Movement in its latest visit to Cairo.

“We discussed with the Egyptian officials several issues including the siege on Gaza, the ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation, the Great March of Return, the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and the Palestinian reconciliation, as well as the bilateral relations between Hamas and Egypt,” al-Hayya added.

Al-Hayya noted that Hamas sent a message to Egypt that the Movement will remain committed to the 2014 understandings as long as the Israeli Occupation adheres to it stressing that the occupation always violates the truce with the Palestinian factions and tries to impose new realties on the ground.

The Palestinian factions, on the other hand, welcomed Hamas’ initiative to brief them on the outcome of its visit to Cairo.

They reaffirmed their support for achieving the national reconciliation and hailed the efforts exerted to lift the siege on Gaza and improve the humantarian situation in the coastal enclave without paying a political price in return.