Palestinian Authority must be held accountable for brutal repression



The Free Palestine Movement condemns the brutal force used by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority (PA) on June 13, 2018 to stop Palestinian citizens, from peacefully demonstrating against PA sanctions on Gaza. These are in violation of Palestinian constitutional rights (the Palestinian Basic Law) and international treaties to which Palestine is a signatory.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the directors of the security forces and their operatives must be held accountable for these illegal actions, including assault on Palestinian citizens and the illegal arrest of dozens of civil protesters, including Ms. Amal Wahdan, a member of the Steering Committee of the Free Palestine Movement, without due process.

The Free Palestine Movement also expresses its support for the demands of the protesters themselves – that is, lifting the PA sanctions on Gaza. These sanctions operate hand in hand with the Israeli siege on the Strip that is supported by Arab regimes, the European Union and the United States. The “Lift the Sanctions” movement is continuing with marches and rallies on a daily basis, and we stand with that campaign and support its demands.

The Free Palestine Movement supports the demands and litigation of the victims of this brutal aggression for an independent investigation of these incidents by trusted human rights institutions and international law experts, in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Free Palestine Movement shares the concern of informed members of the Palestinian public that this brutal repression of Palestinian free speech may be a precursor to similar repression following an expected announcement of PA agreement to “Trump’s Ultimate Deal”. If so, the June 13th repression should be interpreted as a warning that the PA will not tolerate Palestinian expressions of free speech opposing the widely despised agreement.

The Free Palestine Movement also shares the concern of Palestinian movements that this is not separate nor far-removed from PA security coordination with Israel – that is, besieging and repressing the Palestinian resistance at the expense of the vast majority of the Palestinian people. We call for an end to security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

The Free Palestine Movement also condemns the Hamas security forces for their repression of a demonstration in Gaza organized by former political prisoners demanding an end to political division of Gaza and the West Bank, an end to PA sanctions on Gaza which denies them, their comrades in prison and families of martyrs of their compensations.

The Free Palestine Movement stands with the rights of the Palestinian people to national and social liberation, to justice and freedom in all instances and circumstances, against all parties that would suppress those fundamental rights. PA repression of Palestinians works to serve only the interests of the Zionist occupiers and usurpers who have occupied Palestinian land and inflicted dispossession and genocide on the Palestinian people for 70 years.