The Great Return March (GRM) – First statement

The Coordinating Committee- The Great Return March (GRM)

In the Name Of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

“Return is the people’s choice”


With firm faith in Allah and trust in Him, and with belief in the sacred right of the Palestinian refugees to return, we announce the dawn of return to our homeland; a rally that has just been launched and will develop to weave the strands of return from the hopes of our homeless people, the sacrifices of our prisoners and wounded, and the struggles of our people.

It is a continuation of our long struggle that includes the 2011 March of Return and the 2012 Global March to Jerusalem.

The war of 1948 ended 70 years ago and there is absolutely no justification for the refugees to be prevented from returning to their homes.

International resolutions were adopted, notably Resolution 194 calling for the return of the refugees. Now, the decision is in their hands for they have determined to exercise their inalienable right of return peacefully, at a time of their choice.
The Palestinian refugees have never been far removed from their homes; many live just a few hundred meters away, or simply separated from their original homes by barbed-wire fences. The time to return has come.

The refugees’ lands, villages and towns beckon their return; some of them were never inhabited since the Nakba. So why can’t they exercise their right when they still possess the deeds to their lands and keys to their homes?

The refugees are tired with the misery of the camps; they strongly believe that their lands and homes are more accommodating than the camps of indignity. What prevents them, therefore, from leaving the wretched camps and regaining their dignity?

There is no justifiable reason to await any longer political solutions that would repatriate the refugees to their homes; or prevent the occupation from expanding its settlements, confiscating more lands and escalating its aggression and blockade.

Why wait?!

Our Palestinian people have decided to regain their rights, through their own efforts and with the support of the free people of the world to return to their lands and their homes peacefully, in accordance with international resolutions, laws, and principles of human rights.

Accordingly, refugee men, women and children from various places of refuge will stage peaceful popular marches towards Palestine; raising their national flag and equipped with UN Resolution 194. They seek nothing but to exercise their right of return.

We call on our public: prepare to return; it is your decision; its achievement is long overdue.

We are returning by the will of Allah and the determination of all our steadfast people in the homeland, and in the diaspora.

The Coordinating Committee- The Great Return March (GRM).
Palestine, Monday 12th Feb. 2018