Al Arouri: Likud’s decision is as dangerous as Trump’s



The deputy head of the Politburo of Hamas, Saleh Al Arouri warned of Likud’s decision to annex the West Bank and Jerusalem to the occupied lands. “It is just as dangerous as Trump’s decision,” he added.

During an interview with Al Jazeera Channel, Arouri stated, “We, along with our people, will not succumb to the American decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of the occupation.”

He pointed out that Likud’s decision unleashes settlement construction in the West Bank relentlessly which means eliminating any opportunity for the so-called negotiations based on the international laws to resolve the Palestinian cause.

Al Arouri praised all regional and international efforts rejecting Trump’s decision assuring that any way of resistance will have an impact.

He added: “We expected more effective and practical measures from the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation( OIC) meeting.”

Unity and Resistance

Al Arouri explained that achieving the Palestinian unity and resistance are the only ways to confront the Israeli Occupation and to restore our people’s rights. He also added, “ The Israeli Occupation lives peacefully in the West Bank because it succeeded in deterring the resistance after Palestinian division”

Al Arouri stressed that the Palestinian Authority repressed resistance to stop the Intifada for the sake of the negotiations which have failed. Moreover, he stated that nothing can deter the occupation like the armed resistance.


Regarding their relation with the Palestinian Authority, Al Arouri assured it has a fundamental problem as the PA has failed to perform its required duty and solve the major issues.

He said, “The reconciliation will not break down. We have reached a certain phase. The talks have been suspended, but we have not backed down and we can resume dialogues.”

Al Arouri added: “The main obstacle facing reconciliation is that the PA demands that resistance must be disarmed.”

He emphasized that Hamas will not serve the occupation or any party by disarming resistance.

Al Arouri stressed that Hamas cannot compare between the conflict with the Israeli Occupation with those conflicts in the region.

He pointed out that the position of Iran from the Palestinian cause is well-known and firm based on not recognizing Israel, adding that Iran is always ready to support the Palestinian resistance.

Al Arouri affirmed that Hamas did not discuss restoring relations with the Syrian regime due to the bloody conflict there.

He asserted that Hamas is keen on a strong and stable relationship with Egypt noting that as long as “Our brothers in Egypt aim to develop relations with us, we are always ready.”

Al Arouri assured that Hamas has excellent relations with all Gulf States and all countries in the region and that the movement has never offended any country. He also added: “We seek good relations with all the Gulf countries and the peoples of the region.”