Head of Hamas outside Palestine: Jerusalem cannot be divided



The head of Hamas outside Palestine, Maher Salah assured that Jerusalem cannot be divided and Trump’s decision will not change the city’s history or geography.

During his speech at Hamas festival on its 30th anniversary in Lebanon, Salah stated that Jerusalem is the core of the conflict and will remain the eternal capital of Palestine pointing out that Trump’s decision will fail once and for all.

He affirmed that Hamas aims to resist the Israeli Occupation, to liberate the land and Palestinians, and to establish the state of full sovereignty over entire Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

He pointed out that resistance in all its forms is the strategic choice to achieve freedom, especially after the failure of the so called peace process.

Salah stressed that our people outside Palestine are an essential part of the Palestinian cause, adding that Hamas is working to achieve their demands and aspirations which serve the Palestinian cause.

He called upon the Palestinians outside Palestine to defend Jerusalem adding that Hamas is proud of the steadfastness and the unity of the Palestinians in Lebanon.

Salah called upon the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and to rebuild the Nahr-Al Bared Camp. He also extended his gratitude to the Lebanese leadership and parties for their full support to the Palestinian cause.

He called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to stand firmly to support Jerusalem, to foil any plots against it, to put aside any conflicts in order to confront the Israeli Occupation, to criminalize normalization and to mobilize all efforts for the battle of liberation.

Salah praised the Palestinian resistance and the martyrs who scarified their soul for the sake of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque.

Salah affirmed the keenness of Hamas to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation and called for national reconciliation on the basis of partnership not exclusion. He also added that Hamas has presented a unique model in the Palestinian national work.

Salah noted that unity and comprehensive understanding between factions is the basis to build a strong society which is able to confront the Zionist project. He also called the Palestinian Authority to lift the sanctions imposed on our people in Gaza Strip.