Al Hayyah: The next phase calls for a national unity government



The deputy head of the Politburo of Hamas in Gaza, Khalil Al Hayyah stated that the next phase calls for a national unity government comprising all Palestinian factions so it may assume the the responsibility of the phase. He added “It can be a national salvation government until elections are held.”

On a television interview with Al Aqsa channel, Al Hayyah assured Wednesday evening that Hamas believes that the next government must abide by the program of the national reconciliation document and must not promote any political agendas.

He pointed out that the first stage of the reconciliation process was successful and what was agreed upon in Cairo is running smoothly. Al Hayyah asserted that both parties agreed to set aside all disputes.

Al Hayyah affirmed that two issues still have to be completed; the public employees issue must be resolved through an administrative and legal committee in addition to the security issue is yet to be discussed.

He added:“ This is a win-win situation and we shall move forward on the basis of partnership and non-exclusion”.

Al Hayyah emphasized that what happened during the handover of crossings was a mistake. He assured that Hamas completely handed over the crossings to facilitate the work of the government adding that it is not acceptable to have the same mistakes in other ministries.

Al Hayyah noted that the administrative and governmental committee agreed to be restructured under the chairmanship of deputy prime minister, Ziyad Abu Amr in addition to three experts from Gaza. He also confirmed that in the event that any violations of what was agreed upon happen, Hamas will be free from any obligations.

Al Hayyah stressed that the security issue must be fully resolved and the security apparatus should be reconstructed under the Egyptian auspices.

He expressed the solidarity of Hamas with those who have suffered ,“ the massacre of salaries” and early retirement pointing out that the employees issue needs a national spirit that believes in partnership.

Al Hayyah stated that there is national consensus that PLO needs to be reconstructed to include all Palestinian factions.

He referred to the presence of a clear legal text on activating the Palestinian Legislative Council in accordance with the law adding that the executive power must go hand in hand with the legislative authority .

On the issue of freedoms in the West Bank, Al Hayyah stated that every Palestinian in Gaza and West Bank must feel protected by the reconciliation. He added that Hamas members in West Bank must feel the freedom which the reconciliation offers in the same way Fatah members do in Gaza.

He concluded that the 2011 Agreement is applicable and Hamas is committed to it word by word adding that if we disagree on something we shall discuss it together under the Egyptian auspices and no party shall interpret any text individually.