Abu Marzouq calls for separation between presidency of PLO and PA



The member of the Politburo of Hamas, Mousa Abu Marzouq, called for separation between the presidency of the Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO) and that of the Palestinian Authority. He stated the need to gather all the Palestinian factions and PA under the umbrella of PLO.

During a seminar held in Istanbul under the title,“ Developing and activating the Palestinian political system”, Abu Marzouq pointed out Saturday that the Palestinian system is based on two main institutions: the Palestinian Authority, and the PLO.

He explained that the PA has developed and evolved away from the provisions of Oslo Agreement, noting that there’s always more room for further development of the Palestinian system.

Abu Marzouq stated that sovereignty in the Palestinian issue has limited dimensions due to the occupation. He stated that the establishement of an independent Palestinian state is not wishful thinking nor is it something separated from the international community. He added that everyone knows that there are countries in the region fighting the Palestinian identity and that the Palestinian cause and its political system have intrinsic differences to other states in the region.

Abu Marzouq drew attention to the fact that there is a real absence of a national project, which has had a great impact on the Palestinian cause for long time.

He asserted that Hamas has been through many experiences; something which qualified it to be a part of the Palestinian political system and the PLO. But by no means is Hamas convinced of the agreements signed by the PA and the PLO.

Abu Marzouq reiterated the refusal of Hamas to bargain on the arms of resistance because of its serious consequences. Handing over the weapons will ultimately lead to giving up sovereignty.