Al Sinwar meets with the leaders of the national factions in Gaza



The head of Hamas in Gaza , Yahya Al Sinwar, met with the leaders of the Palestinian national factions in Gaza and enlightened them on the recent developments regarding reconciliation and the details of the Cairo dialogues.

The meeting, which was held on Wednesday, was attended by the member of the Political Bureau of Hamas , Salah Al Bardawil, in Hamas office in Gaza as part of the political framework of Hamas in deliberating and consulting Palestinians at the breadth of the political spectrum.

Al Sinwar reviewed the significant positive steps taken by Hamas to reach the Cairo Agreement and the flexibility shown by Hamas to sign this agreement.

He affirmed that Hamas will continue in the process of reconciliation pointing out that it is a strategic decision and Hamas will not back down or return to division in any way. He assured that Hamas will continue to show high national responsibility at all coming stages.

He also emphasized that Hamas will implement the agreement signed in Cairo in accordance with the mechanisms stipulated in the agreement and the specific deadlines with all responsibility and commitment.

Al Sinwar appreciated the Egyptian efforts exerted to reach the agreement starting with auspices dialogues and providing visions to guarantee and follow-up implementation.

He stressed the importance of the success of the comprehensive dialogue to be held in Cairo next month with the participation of all factions to discuss the political Palestinian issues.

On their parts , the Palestinian factions welcomed the considerable flexiblity of Hamas in dealing with the reconciliation agreement and expressed their full readiness for a successful comprehensive dialogue in Cairo on 21/11/2017.