Abu Marzouk: Disarming Resistance not discussed in Cairo talks



Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk said in an interview with CNN Arabic that the resistance arms has not been discussed with Fatah movement during the recent talks in Cairo, noting that resisting the Israeli Occupation is an unalienable right for the Palestinian people.

He also added that Hamas has chosen to end the internal split, and the Palestinian Authority is required to achieve the interests of the Palestinian people.

Abu Marzouk said that Hamas totally rejects the Israeli impositions which attempt to foil the Palestinian reconciliation, underlying the importance of the Egyptian role to neutralize these Israeli attempts.

Regarding elections, he said that Hamas will present itself to the Palestinian people through elections, and at the same time will protect its resistance in order to defend Palestinians rights.

Abu Marzouk noted that so far only one core issue has been discussed with Fatah movement, which is reestablishing the unity government in the Gaza Strip, while other important issues including: the PLO, the national council, the legislative council, and forming a unity government have all been postponed for deliberation with all Palestinian factions.

Abu Marzouk concluded by saying that Hamas looks forward to receiving positive signs from Fatah like lifting all the punitive measures imposed on the Palestinians in Gaza, and taking swift and sincere steps towards achieving the Palestinian reconciliation.