Haniyeh: We exerted tremendous efforts to ease Gaza’s blockade



The head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniya, said in a press conference held on Tuesday after his visit to Egypt, that Hamas has exerted all efforts to ease the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip. This included travelling to Egypt and achieving the internal unity in an attempt to break the siege.

Commenting on his latest visit to Egypt, Haniyeh said that the visit as fruitful and successful.

He added that the first visit for Hamas’s newly elected leadership was to Egypt is most expected since it is the most influential Arab country In the region. He noted that the visit aimed to foster relation between both the Palestinian people and Hamas on one side, and with Egypt on the other side to achieve a breakthrough in all issues, particularly the Palestinian reconciliation.

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Haniyeh said that the visit has also discussed other political issues and the latest political developments of the Palestinian cause and the whole region.

He noted that the Palestinian people and Hamas will never compromise on any of the Palestinian rights regardless of the current challenges.

Pertaining to the joint Palestinian-Egyptian relations, Haniyeh said that Hamas adopts a strategic decision to maintain good relations with Egypt, noting that the Arab and Islamic nations constitute an incubator to the Palestinian cause that can never be overlooked.

Haniyeh added that his visit has successfully set up strategic foundations to the mutual relations between Hamas and Egypt.

In further details, Haniyeh said that his visit has also discussed the security issue as they discussed the security conditions on the border areas with Egypt, reiterating Hamas’s stance of being committed to Egypt’s national security.

He noted that the unjust blockade imposed on the Palestinian people has been particularly discussed as Hamas has informed the Egyptian side of all the unbearable conditions that have been long experienced by the Gazans.

He expressed wishes that the visit will yield outcomes that are consistent with the Palestinian people’s dignity.

In addition, Haniyeh discussed the ongoing Israeli harassments in Jerusalem, the settlement expansion and the military barriers across the occupied West Bank.


Haniyeh said: “ Our fellow brothers in Egypt showed earnest interest on the issue of reconciliation and ending division. Hamas believes that the Palestinian issue requires the most effective parties to take brave decisions.”

He added: “For our part, we have taken right and brave decision without preconditions when we issued the statement from Cairo announcing dissolving of the administrative committee in Gaza Strip and enabling the Unity Government to perform its duty in Gaza.”

Haniyeh asserted that Hamas took the decision of dissolving the Administrative Committee to pave the way for reconciliation with all seriousness and determination indicating that the Committee no longer exercises its work on the ground.”

He stressed that Hamas is ready to receive the Unity Government in Gaza to carry out its tasks and to come back to Cairo within a few days to resume dialogue between Fatah and Hamas that should lead to a comprehensive Palestinian dialogue.

Haniyeh pointed out that Hamas did not hesitate to call for reconciliation and it is more determined and committed to its success and to the new page which Hamas has started.

He assured that Hamas is waiting the brothers in Ramallah to come to Gaza after its decision of dissolving the Administrative Committee and to cancel the punitive measures taken by Abbas.

Hamas unity

Haniya expressed gratitude for Egypt as the latter hosted the movement for 9 days and the visit was a chance for Hamas leadership in Palestine and in exile to meet and discuss various issues together.

He noted that all these meetings confirm that Hamas leadership is united and has the same tactics and policies wherever they are based.

He concluded by saying that as Hamas is about to commemorate its 30 anniversary, it is united and stronger and shall continue to defend the Palestinian rights and knows how to deal with the challenges and the regional variables, noting that Hamas is at the forefront of the Palestinian resistance.