Al Sinwar meets a delegation of Gazan businessmen



The head of the Political Bureau of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Al Sinwar, met Wednesday a delegation of Palestinian businessmen in Gaza. The meeting focused on the national concerns, especially the problems of the economic sector.

Al Sinwar praised the efforts exerted by the businessmen and acknowledged the burdens they face due to the siege. He assured that the strong economy is an important way to support the Palestinian national project stressing, that Hamas is making every effort to address numerous economic crises and to alleviate the suffering of the Gazans.

Al Sinwar noted that Gazans are living very hard conditions due to the blockade pointing out that Hamas presented many proposals to the international and local authorities in this regard.

Al Sinwar emphasized that Egypt has a central role in the Palestinian cause noting that Hamas tried to break the siege during the last visit. He also added that Hamas discussed with the Egyptians establishing trade and economic areas and supplying Gaza with more quantities of power. Al Sinwar stated that Hamas talks with the Egyptians are still underway in order to implement what has been agreed upon.

Al Sinwar expressed that Hamas is ready to cooperate with the economic sector and the businessmen , to consider their suggestions, and to help overcome the obstacles standing in the way of developing the economy in Gaza.

He also called upon the businessmen to play a more effective role in expanding the economy in Gaza pointing out that Hamas is working to facilitate the situation by all possible means.

Al Sinwar explained that the solution is viable where a national consensus council can be established comprising all the representatives of the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine and from which an executive committee representing all Palestinians can be emerged He added “ we can form a national unity government to bear all burdens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”