Haniyeh sends message to Arab and Islamic leaders concerning Al Aqsa



The head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “ Hamas”, Ismail Haniyeh, sent a message to the Arab and Islamic leaders on the Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque.

Haniyeh stressed that these attacks are unprecedented and nothing like this has happened since its occupation 50 years ago. He assured that the Israeli Occupation aims to implement its schemes to take full control over Al Aqsa Mosque and to imposea new reality by dividing the mosquein terms of time and place between Muslim and Jews, and to curtail the historical role of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf which is the only authority concerned with the management of the Mosque.

Haniyeh also added that the Israeli Occupation Forces have closed Al Aqsa Mosque since Friday, 14/7/2017 and it is still closed because of the Israeli policy of installing electronic gates and tightening the movement of entry and exit from the mosque which violates the sanctity of the third of the holiest mosques.

Haniyeh addressed the Arab and Islamic leaders “Al Aqsa Mosque calls for your conscience and brave stands. You cannot keep silent while the Israeli Occupation is imposing a new reality on Al Aqsa Mosque through which the Occupation aims to a full control over it.”

.He pointed out that the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have issued many resolutions to support Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque and the time has come to implement them to strengthen the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites who defend the Islamic holy places.

Haniyeh asserted that the Arab and Islamic governments have a lot of diplomatic, legal, public , and media power which is needed to pressure the Occupation on international forums , to boycott, isolate , prosecute and hold accountable the occupation for its crimes against our Palestinian people and holy places. He also said that the Arab and Islamic people held demonstrations to support Al Aqsa and we expect the government to invest the sympathy with Al Aqsa and to force Israel to stop violations against Al Aqsa.

He emphasized that this is a historic opportunity to stop the attacks on Al Aqsa and to stop the occupation from interfering in its affairs. This can be achieved through integral, official and popular efforts to pressure on the Israeli Occupation.

Haniyeh concluded his message to the Arab and Islamic leaders stressing that the Palestinians and the Islamic nations refuse any measures taken to detract the Islamic sovereignty over Al Aqsa Mosque. The Palestinians are defending their mosque from the terror of the extremist settlers, who are supported by the Israeli Occupation, and are hopeful that the leaders of the Islamic nations will back them in defending Al Aqsa.