PFLP denounces censorship of Palestinian news sites



The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the Palestinian Authority’s blocking and censorship of Palestinian news sites in the West Bank since Thursday, June 15.

The Front said that this attack on freedom of expression is a dangerous trend that reflects acquiescence to the dictates of the enemies of the Palestinian people. It works hand in hand with all attempts by the enemy to muzzle the Palestinian voice and strangle and silence the Palestinian people. The Front demanded that this action be overturned immediately and to end the punishment of the steadfast Palestinian people.

The Front further noted that this decision comes amid circumstances in which the Zionist occupation and the U.S. media machine are acting to distort the central meaning and cause of the Palestinian struggle and resistance that have been firmly established throughout the long march of the Palestinian revolution, with the blood and sacrifices of many great knights of truth with their sincere and free pens to confront the false Zionist narrative.

The Front noted that there is an open war being conducted against the resisting Palestinian people, not least as was reflected in the Riyadh summit and the statements of US President Trump, including statements stigmatizing and criminalizing the Palestinian people’s resistance to terror. The monopolistic Palestinian Authority leadership is acting in this context to tighten and intensify the attack on the resistance amid the fascist practices and crimes of the occupation with U.S. support and the cover of Arab reactionary regimes engaged in normalization with the Zionist occupation and state terror.

These actions include the attacks of the Palestinian Authority leadership, represented by Abu Mazen, against Palestinian rights and institutions. The measures announced by the Attorney General to ban and block Palestinian media sites are only more evidence of the continuation of this dangerous path.