Jarrar rejects all forms of negotiations with Israeli occupation, demands end to PA security coordination



Khalida Jarrar, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, emphasized the PFLP’s complete rejection of a return to negotiations with the occupation during the Executive Committee meeting of the PLO that took place on Tuesday, May 30.

The PFLP insisted on the implementation of the resolutions of the PLO Central Council, especially to end security coordination with the Zionist occupation and serious national dialogue to rebuild the Palestinian leadership on the basis of resistance and confrontation of the challenges of today.

Jarrar denounced the failure of the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to provide meaningful political support to the Palestinian political prisoners on the Arab and international levels as well as on the Palestinian level through 41 days of hunger strike.

The Front also focused on the dangers posed by the recent Riyadh summit, including the formation of the so-called axis against “terrorism” which in reality aims to target the resistance forces. Jarrar emphasized that the reactionary Arab regimes are pushing for normalization with the Israeli occupation through this axis and called for an official Palestinian rejection of the statements made by U.S. President Trump in Riyadh labeling Hamas a “terrorist” organization.

The PFLP also emphasized its complete rejection of all actions against the Gaza Strip, urging true national dialogue to resolve the issues of the administrative committee and reconciliation agreements and immediately ending all acts against the Strip.

Further, Jarrar emphasized complete refusal of any return to negotiations with the Zionist occupation, whether direct or indirect. She also noted the necessity for regular meetings of the Executive Committee, which has not met since February 13 of this year, saying that the neglect of such meetings highlights the level of exclusivity and domination in dealing with Palestinian institutions and particularly the PLO.