Hamas Office of Refugees demands UNRWA stop threatening its employees



The Office of Refugee Affairs of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” called upon the UNRWA to halt its systematic threats against UNRWA staff by depriving them from their jobs due to their national and political opinions.

The office stated Wednesday in a press release that UNRWA threatened to fire and take punitive measures against any Palestinian employee who contravene the agency’s impartiality as being staff member of an international body of humanitarian purposes.

The office stated that the threat clearly contradicted the UN’s call in all its covenants of the freedom of expression, the principles of human rights , and political preferences.

It stressed that UNRWA has not halted its punitive measures against staff members accused of being non-neutral.

The office also called UNRWA to stop the policy of stripping the curriculum of its national and historical content in favor of the Israeli –American plot in the region.

It explained that UNRWA identifies the West Bank and Gaza as territories of the Palestinian Authority, thereby implying that the rest of historic Palestine belongs to the Israeli Occupation. Furthermore, and amongst other changes, it changed the geographical terms and the name of Jerusalem from the capital of Palestine to the holy city for all the heavenly religions.

The office pointed out that the call of UNRWA for impartiality completely disregards the main reason for its establishment as an international institution dedicated to deal with the cause of the afflicted people who were forcibly expelled from their homeland in 1948 and lost all their possessions; and was not founded to deal with a humanitarian cause of a people displaced by volcanoes , earthquakes and natural hurricanes.

It also stated that the international community must bear its responsibility towards the refugee issue and continue to provide all services to the Palestinian refugees unconditionally.

The office concluded that most of the Palestinian refugees are convinced that the financial crisis of UNRWA is a plotted crisis and they are skeptical about the genuine role of the donor countries, especially the United States, towards the Palestinian people who aim to destroy their national and spiritual sense of patriotism.