Haniyeh announces the arrest of Mazen Al-Fuqaha’s killer



Head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, announced that security forces in Gaza managed to arrest the killer of Mazen Al-Fuqaha who was assassinated a month and a half ago.

Haniyeh said during a press conference held Thursday in front of the house of Al-Fuqaha that the suspect provided clear and complete confessions, pointing out that the Ministry of Interior will hold a press conference explaining all the details related to the assassination.

Haniyeh praised the people of Gaza Strip for their patience and understanding of the security measures taken by the security forces in the Strip.

He said, “We will hand out a just ruling towards the killer and everyone who had a hand in this crime, and we will continue until the enemy understands that our blood is precious”.

Haniyeh also thanked the security forces that worked around the clock to reach the final details of this case.

He added, “ I also present the success of solving this case to Palestinian detainees who are on a hunger strike and assure them that their battle for freedom will prevail”.

Haniyeh said that this historic declaration was the result of the great professional work of security forces and expressed the ability of the latter to strike stronger, broader and deeper in such cases.

Haniyeh extended his greetings to the liberated prisoners from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, those who lived through the painful moment of the assassination, saying, “Despite the pain we have experienced during this period, we are still proud of everyone who gave us the opportunity to announce this breakthrough in front of Al-Fuqaha’s home

On Friday evening, March 24, Al-Qassam Brigades commander Mazen Al-Fuqaha was assassinated in front of his home in Tel Al-Hawa neighbourhood in Gaza City.