Hamas on 69th anniversary of the Nakba



In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press release

Issued by the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

On the 69th anniversary of the Nakba

Our people reject guardianship, and will not accept the liquidation of the case

After sixty-nine years of Nakba (catastrophe), massacre, displacement and years of suffering behind bars, different parties are still trying to destroy the Palestinian conscience and control the minds of the great Palestinian people, either by intimidation, starvation or siege. They are willing to remain in power for another year or two at the expense of the Palestinian case, while being assisted from the regional geopolitical crisis and the unprecedented rush to normalize with the savage Israeli Occupation. All this is being carried out while Judaization and expansion of illegal settlements is taking place in Jerusalem and the West Bank, while Gaza is still under siege and is being destroyed , and diaspora camps are being targeted, displaced and destroyed.

After sixty-nine years the conspiracies and schemes still aim to tighten the grip on the Palestinian issue vying to succumb its resistance and defenders to surrender. However, righteous doing, resistance and the liberation of Palestinian will remain as our number one priority on our national agenda as long as our hearts beat with love for our homeland. Therefore, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, during this painful anniversary, rapid geopolitical changes and imbalances, emphasizes on the following:

First: Our rights are imprescriptible and the Palestinian people will not give up an inch of their homeland nor will they diminish their right to return.

Second: The resistance, particularly the armed resistance, is the real deterrent to the occupation, and what is taken by force can only be recovered by force. War is a struggle, and our people will continue to resist their occupiers till they leave our nation’s beloved home, Palestine.

Third: The war being launched on our legitimacy, particularly our legitimate right to resist our occupiers, will only end by delegitimizing those who fight the resistance and collaborate with the occupation, while giving up their right to return. Those who want to represent this great nation must rise to meet this challenge , and those living on the blood of our children and the suffering of our mothers have no right to exist.

Fourth: The unity of our people is our strength and our secret for victory, and our people must rally around the option of adhering to their identity, land and holy sites.

Fifth: We will remain loyal to the families of the our Palestinian detainees, stand in solidarity with their hunger strike, and do everything in our power to achieve a prisoner exchange deal similar to 2011.

Sixth: We vow to our people in refugee camps and diaspora that they will return to Palestine, and that we will continue to sacrifice for their case and persist in this path till we liberate and return to Palestine side by side.

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”


15 May 2017