Gazans march to condemn Trump’s description of Hamas as “a terror organization”

Press Statement


The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, organized a mass rally in northern Gaza Strip condemning statements made by US President, Donald Trump, which described Hamas as a “terror organization”.

Leader of the movement in the northern Gaza Strip, Mohammed Abu Askar, said mockingly that Hamas is described as a “terror organization” simply because it defends the remaining dignity of the Arab nation, and refuses to bow to the dictates of America.

Abu Askar stressed that Hamas will not disregard any of its principles, nor will it give up an inch of Palestine, indicating that those (Fatah) who surrendered 78% of historical Palestine don’t represent the people.

“Trump who described Hamas as a (terror organization) and visited the Western Wall in his first term in office wanted to humiliate the Islamic nations while showing his full support of the Israeli Occupation and giving it the green light to practise more of its terror on the Palestinian people”.

Regarding the on-going mass hunger strike, He said that the prisoners’ strike is a simple mean of resistance, stressing the solidarity of the resistance with the prisoners until their demands are met and their freedom is gained.

He also pointed out that the prisoners will only be released through honourable exchange deals like Wafaa Al-Ahrar deal which took place in 2011.

Abu Askar also weighed on the conspiracies being plotted against Gaza saying, “These plots will only increase the adherence of the Palestinian citizens to the principles of resistance and freedom”.