Full details of Mazen Fuqaha assassination



The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip held a conference Tuesday in Gaza city to give full details regarding the assassination of top Hamas commander, Mazen Fuqaha who was killed last March.

The security campaign has resulted in capturing 45 collaborators with the Israeli Occupation, which constituted a breakthrough and dealt a blow to the Israeli intelligence. Gaza officials reiterated their stance of holding the Israeli Occupation fully responsible over the assassination and all the subsequent consequences arising from it.

The ministry added that the killer was apprehended along with two other people who had main roles in the assassination. Those collaborators admitted that they had received direct orders from Israeli military officers, and that planning the murder had taken 8 months.

It stressed that the assassination of the military leader has initiated a new era of security procedures to pursue collaborators and put them on trial.

Those collaborators confessed having links with the Israeli intelligence and that they had previously contributed in operations and activities to harm the Palestinian resistance and the freedom fighters.They were also involved in assassinating other top leaders like Ahmed Yasin, and Masoud Ayad.

They were ordered to continuously monitor the area where Fuqaha lived and send photos to the Israeli intelligence apparatus to provide them with information about Fuqaha. The area was under surveillance for a week before the assassination, and the killer headed to the garage where the martyr used to keep his car and targeted him in his chest and head. Fuqaha died at once and the killer fled the scene, but he was chased and located during the pursuit campaign later.

The security campaign to decode the intricate assassination crime did not stop as local officials said they will continue with their interrogations till justice prevails.