PFLP demands immediate reversal of Gaza Strip public employees’ salary cuts

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on the PA’s “government of national reconciliation” to immediately retract its decision to impose salary cuts on public workers in the Gaza Strip, describing this action as dangerous and a real crime against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip that threatens a disaster of economic instability in the Strip and will exacerbate the suffering of the people.

This policy discriminates against one sector of the Palestinian people, reflecting a broader negligence and indifference at best to the situation of the Gaza Strip and the people there. It represents a serious violation of the responsibilities, obligations and functions of a government and an abandonment of its responsibilities toward the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, especially in light of the escalating rates of poverty and the growing dependence of the entire Strop on these salaries and international aid.

The Front said that these cuts contribute to the tightening of the siege on the Strip and deepen the negative social effects of the division, as well as the worsening and deepening economic crisis inside Gaza, which has severe effects on the population. They will only increase poverty and unemployment, which are already among the highest in the world, and the government’s choice to engage with the Strip in this dangerous way is threatening even to public employees.

The Front considered that the justification of this action on the basis of a financial crisis in the Palestinian Authority is an ugly excuse. For years, there has been a financial crisis but action has not been taken against Gaza public employees in this manner. The PFLP emphasized the moral and national responsibility to undo this step and any future actions against the Strip, which intensify the suffering of the people and further divide Palestinians from one another. The situation in Gaza is unbearable and it is only natural that if there is no retreat from this action, it is natural that everyone take to the streets to defend their rights.

Comrade Dr. Rabah Muhanna of the Political Bureau of the PFLP said that he sees this action as a step toward cutting support for martyrs’ families, Palestinian prisoners and the wounded, as well as all forms of social welfare and aid. “These cuts and other measures expected from Abu Mazen’s government…weaken the ability of the Palestinian people to confront liquidationist projects being put forward.” He denounced the role of the US, European Union and Israeli state in pressuring for cuts to the Palestinian people’s social and economic rights as an intensification of siege.

Comrade Jamil Mizher of the Political Bureau and leader of the PFLP’s Gaza Branch emphasized that the Front is working together with all national and Islamic forces to act together to confront this issue and demand its reversal. He deamded action from the PLO Executive Committee to stop this discrimination among the Palestinian people, emphasizing the massive anger in the Strip in relation to attempts to distance or get rid of the Strip on the part of the PA. He noted that this issue has a number of political dimensions and is not an isolated issue but reflects an overall approach of the Authority that has led to this dangerous situation.