Meshal : We hold all the cards and every piece of information has its price



The head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Khalid Meshal, revealed a number of mediations offered to Hamas to negotiate indirectly on the issue of prisoner exchange. He stressed that Hamas refused to initiate any negotiations before releasing the prisoners of the Wafa al-Ahrar exchange deal.

During the opening of the longest radio talk show in the world entitled “A million years in prison” Meshal said Saturday that Hamas holds all the cards regarding the issue of the Israeli soldiers captured by the resistance in Gaza Strip, and it will force the leaders of the occupation to deal seriously with the demands of the resistance.

He stated that any piece of information in the “black box” owned by Hamas regarding the captured Israeli soldiers will not be given without a price, and it must be a part of a negotiation process.

Meshal also pointed out that the mediations offered to Hamas for negotiation faced two obstacles; the first one is the Israeli leader’s negligence to the issue of the missing Israeli soldiers in Gaza. This obstacle, however, is beginning to diminish. The second obstacle is our demand that Israeli soldiers release the 55 detainees who were released during Wafa Al-Ahrar exchange deal in 2011 then since rearrested.

Meshal said that the psychological warfare launched by Hamas regarding the captured Israeli soldiers is highly credible, not only by words.

“The Israeli leaders may act with arrogance and indifference to the internal popular mood, but this situation will change quickly under internal pressure since Hamas holds all the cards,” Meshal added.

Moreover, he stated that the enemy leaders are aware that Hamas has various advantages; high credibility, patience and steadfastness. Hamas also has a lot to bet on which will force the Israeli leader to respond to the demands of resistance.

In his message to the prisoners inside the Israeli prisons, Meshal said that releasing them is the top priority for the leadership of Hamas, and it’s a historic, religious and national responsibility.

Meshal also described the threats of the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas against the Gaza Strip as disconcerting and irresponsible, stressing that the excessive punishment measures taken against Gaza Strip under the claims of Palestinian division are futile efforts, and will fail just like similar efforts have failed in the past.

He added, “We are not afraid of such threats. These statements do not frighten us. We are dealing with them seriously until we foil them and save our people from suffering.”

Meshal concluded that the path of threats is not the right way to rectify the situation. Division is resolved only by implementing the previous agreements, emphasizing the need to end the division.

He welcomed the scheduled visit of the Fatah Central Committee delegation to the Gaza Strip, and stressed that no party should impose its own conditions on the other.