Haniyeh: Hamas will remain loyal to the principles of Ahmed Yassin



Deputy Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, said that the Movement’s leadership will remain faithful to the principles and values established by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin during his lifetime.

On Wednesday, a delegation consisting of Ismail Haniyeh, Deputy Head of the Political Bureau, Yahya Sinwar, Head of the Political Bureau in Gaza and his deputy, Khalil Al-Hayya, visited the home of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin On the 13th anniversary of his murder at the hands of the Israeli Occupation.

The five principles

During the visit, Haniyeh emphasized five principles and values which Ahmed Yassin instilled in his students, the first of which- Palestine is indivisible and surrendering one inch of it is out of the equation. While referring to the first principle, Haniyeh stressed that Gaza will always remain an inseparable part of Palestine and that no Palestinian state is legitimate without Gaza.

Haniyeh went on to add that the second principle considered resistance as the strategic option, which is the preferred choice for achieving the aspirations, freedom and justice of the Palestinian people, underlining that resistance will continue until the complete liberation of Palestine.

“Protecting the Palestinian national unity is the third principle the Sheikh taught us. This can be accomplished by achieving a national unity and ending the internal division. We want one authority, one government, one political system, and a national program that we agree upon”, Haniyeh said.

He also called on the Palestinian people to unite in the face of the challenges and dangers that surround the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom.

The Deputy Head then pointed out that the Palestinian case isn’t limited to Palestinians themselves, but also extends to Arab and Islamic nations who need to regard this issue as their own and prioritize it above all else. Haniyeh added, “The Movement is keen on upholding its strategic Arab and Islamic depths as well as working to build open political relations with the concerned countries”.

Haniyeh said that the fifth principle accentuates the Palestinian issue as a humanitarian one. “This is evident as we witness the countless convoys, initiatives and conferences that have been organized to break the brutal Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. We also can’t bypass the countless sacrifices that have been put forward for the sake of the cause, particularly the lives of those lost on the Freedom Flotilla”.

Haniyeh said, “On this day, Palestine bid farewell to its Sheikh and Imam who embedded the latter principles and values in Palestinians which will appropriately be used to free our prisoners and liberate Palestine”.

Regarding the internal Hamas elections, Haniyeh said they have been completed and leaders loyal to the teachings of the Sheikh, amongst them Yahya Sinwar, are ready to adopt the legacy passed on by the Hamas founder.

During the visit, the Hamas leader praised the Al-Aqsa Mosque guards, Palestinians in the occupied territories of 1948, and those in diaspora. He also saluted the Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons and vowed that their freedom is inevitable.

Haniyeh also expressed his praise for the Jordanian Authority’s decision to refuse handing over Ahlam Al-Tamimi to the US administration, considering the US demand as a shameless one, which neglects all morals and values.

He also praised Rima Khalaf for not surrendering to Israeli and American pressure, describing her stance, in favouring resignation over withdrawing a report that describes Israel as an apartheid regime, as the perfect example of how Arab women can support the Palestinian case on international levels.