Abu Marzook Again Calls for Forming National Unity Government



Mousa Abu Marzook, Vice-president of Hamas Politburo, reiterated the call to expedite procedures needed to form a national unity government comprised of the Palestinian factions agreed on during the National Council meeting.

“We are in unison regarding many texts which call for resisting the Occupation and criminalizing security collaboration between the PNA and the Israeli Occupation,” he said in an interview with Al Araby TV on Monday.

Resistance Program

Marzook added that there is a comprehensive national agreement on resistance with all its forms and components. He pointed out that accusing resistance of being ‘nonsense’ was merely a political debate.

“No future lies ahead for the occupation. Our people will not give up a single meter of their land,” he said.

Abu Marzook criticized the Palestinian Authority strategy of continuing negotiations.

“Why should PLO obligations be obstacles which only the Palestinians are required fulfill, while the occupation does not fulfill any of theirs?

Abu Marzook said it’s shocking to see that the US Congress has condemned the Security Council resolution on halting settlements. He noted that the Cabinet appointed by US President Trump is hostile to Palestinian people.

Relations with Egypt

Regarding the relationship with Egypt, Abu Marzook affirmed the keenness of the movement to strengthen its relations with Egypt, saying:

“We are interested in removing all former problems, which is in the interest of both nations.”

Abu Marzook stressed that Hamas is serious about opening up to all forces in the region because the political compass of the parties should be toward Palestine and Jerusalem.

“We cannot alienate anyone from playing their role in serving the Palestinian cause,” he stressed.