Gaza goes green: Hamas celebrates 29th anniversary

Photo Essay
Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza goes green!

Gaza goes green!

Thousands of Gazans today braved the bitter cold in Gaza City to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the founding of Islamic resistance movement Hamas and reaffirm their commitment to their legitimate right to armed struggle against occupation.

Men thronged one side of the street



and women the other,



while kids found a place wherever they could.

Kids got the best view

Kids got the best view

Hamas leaders stood in a line beneath enormous posters of resistance fighters.


Khalil al-Hayya gave an impassioned speech saying Gazans should enjoy freedom of movement, job opportunities, access to clean water and a constant electricity supply. Others also spoke,


or listened.


As Mahmoud Zahar said on Sunday, there will be no U-turns.


“Resistance, no matter the means, is our legitimate right and we shall never ever give it up. Hamas will forever defend Occupied Jerusalem and the holy al-Aqsa Mosque against Israel’s Judaization schemes.”

Defending Jerusalem

Defending Jerusalem

“Our guns will be held to Israel’s head only.”

Kia kaha, Qassam

Kia kaha, Qassam