Breaking News: Gaza under attack

Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza was rocked by a series of Israeli airstrikes at dawn this morning.

Israeli F-16s fired rockets at sites in Beit Lahiya in the North governorate, Gaza City and environs including at least two bombings of the Zeitoun neighbourhood where a pregnant mother and a toddler were killed in their beds in similar strikes last October, and Middle Gaza.

Targets include a metal workshop owned by the Al Hasanen family, and training sites of two of Gaza’s resistance movements, Al Qassam (Hamas) and Soraya Al Quds (Islamic Jihad).

There are unconfirmed reports of at least three injuries.

According to reliable sources, an Israeli military spokesperson warned, “We are not finished with Gaza – this was just a warm up, and round 1 and round 2 will be harder.”

Unless the international community takes firm and immediate action, a replay of the brutal 2014 Israeli offensive seems imminent.

As in 2014, when events in the West Bank were used to justify the collective punishment of the two million innocent people trapped in the open-air prison of Gaza, both Palestinians and international law will be the victims.