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PFLP calls for mobilization, action to defeat French initiative and defend Palestinian rights

Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
Press Release

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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls on the Palestinian masses inside Palestine and in exile and diaspora to organize to confront and bring down the so-called “French initiative” and any similar international or Arab projects that seek to liquidate Palestinian rights under the guise of “peace negotiations,” particularly the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and lands.

The Front called for June 3-4 to be days of mass struggle, protest and activity to reject the French initiative and work to stop all of these suspicious activities that are in full swing in order to revive the marketing of the so-called “peace process.”

The Popular Front also called on all Palestinian forces and national figures to express clearly their rejection of the French initiative, particularly in response to the attempt of the monopolistic Palestinian Authority leadership o promote this initiative, which seriously undermines the Palestinian national consensus, noting that the initiative was never even presented to the Palestine Liberation Organization’s responsible bodies or discussed with the Palestinian political forces.

[HumanRights] Conversation?

by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Hundreds of Israelis protest in Tel Aviv on Saturday after appointment of Lieberman as Minister of Defence

Hundreds of Israelis protest in Tel Aviv on Saturday after appointment of Lieberman as Minister of Defence

Life and death go on in this land where religion has increasingly political structure. Before Zionism, Western Asia (aka the “Middle East”) could potentially move into the modern era and shed anachronistic ideas of going back centuries to find governance models. Liberal trends were on the rise.

I remember a time when girls wore whatever they wanted and this caused no discussion, a time when discussions among adults and children focused on science developments, landing on the moon, whether there is life in other planets, and whether behaviors and intelligence are shaped more by nature or nurture.

Now we are in the era of Daesh/Islamic State/Jewish state etc.

Now we see even a war monger like Israeli defense minister Yaalon quit and say that Israeli politics is taken over by extremists like Lieberman. But it is not just politics, but public discourse. We need to pause and think when a bar bouncer like Lieberman can get automatic citizenship in Palestine (now renamed “Israel”) and rise to become a key minister in a racist apartheid regime, and he can get away with calling for crimes against humanity and will soon have the power to do them.

We live in an Orwellian world run by pathetic liars and criminals such as Netanyahu, Lieberman, Clinton, and Trump. Read more »

Half of UNRWA Schools Affected By Conflict in the Last Five Years


UNRWA Showcases its Innovative “Education in Emergency” Response

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Istanbul, 22 May 2016: Of the many tragedies occurring in the Middle-East, the story of embattled schools may be one of the least well known. Front-lines shift and run through school-grounds, artillery rounds hit installations, incursions by armed forces or groups occur, access is prevented or rendered impossible for young boys and girls, for whom education is a critical life-line.

Nearly half of the 692 schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, across the region have been impacted, attacked or otherwise rendered inoperable by conflict or violence in the last five years, according to a new report unveiled at the World Humanitarian Summit, taking place in Istanbul. “A staggering 302 schools have been directly affected”, said UNRWA’s Commissioner-General, Pierre Krähenbühl, in an article published this week. Read more »

Mishaal: Resistance a strategic choice for Palestinians

Press Statement

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Chairman of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mishaal stated that resistance constitutes a national duty and an inherent Palestinian right.

Addressing crowds attending a national conference that commemorated the 68th Nakba anniversary, Mishaal stated that resistance remains a national Palestinian constant and a strategic choice in the path toward liberation.

“The rights of return, freedom of prisoners, statehood and self-determination are inalienable Palestinian rights.” He underlined.

He asserted that the individual and collective Palestinian right to the land of Palestine is not subject to any statute of limitations.

On a related note, Mishaal reiterated his call for national unity among Palestinians, stressing the importance of partnership and democracy in dealing with challenges facing the Palestinian cause.

Al-Nakba day: The biggest crisis in the history of Palestine

International Solidarity Movement
Press Release

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Today, 68 years ago, the state of Israel was created in the Palestinian peoples’ home. The anniversary falls after a winter and spring with an escalation in violence and arrests of Palestinians, ever-expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Palestinian capital of Jerusalem, as the de facto take over by Israel of settlements in and around the city. It is estimated that there are approximately 600,000 Israeli settlers living in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

For the Palestinians it is remembered as Yawm an-Nakba, meaning “Day of the Catastrophe” or just Nakba Day.

During the 1948 Palestine War, an estimated 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled, and hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were depopulated and destroyed. Read more »

Israeli Siege killing kids in Gaza

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Mother of the three children who died in the housefire in Shati Camp, Gaza City

Mother of the three children who died in the housefire in Shati Camp, Gaza City

Yousra, Rahaf, and Naser Al Hindi died in a house fire in Shati Refugee Camp in Gaza City on Friday night, after a candle fell on a mattress. The death of the three children, aged from one to five years, are being blamed by Gazans on the Israeli siege, and the lack of electricity in the coastal enclave.

In a press release on Saturday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri described the dead brothers as “martyrs of the Israeli blockade,” and also accused PA head Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah of pursuing a policy of discrimination and marginalization against the people of Gaza through their failure to provide electricity. Read more »

Gaza’s resistance retaliates to Israeli incursions, attacks

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Members of Jana al-Amur's family mourn her death

Members of Jana al-Amur’s family mourn her death

For the third consecutive day Palestinian resistance forces have been forced to retaliate defensively to Israeli military border incursions, and land, sea and air attacks.

Israeli media revealed that Israeli troops have been continually breaching Gaza’s sovereignty since Tuesday, “working on tunnel detection on both sides of Gaza border.”

The Palestinian resistance has thus far responded to the ongoing Israeli incursions and aggression with mortar and gunfire only.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, the Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades said the Israeli incursions since Tuesday morning are a clear violation of the 2014 cease-fire agreement, and a new aggression on the Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli occupation should stop invoking reasons to justify its violations [of Palestinian sovereignty], and should leave the Gaza Strip immediately,” the Brigades said.

Despite ongoing talks for the’restoration of calm‘ brokered by Egypt since Wednesday evening, Israeli forces have continued to launch multiple air strikes and artillery fire, as well as shooting at fishermen from gunboats.

The Israeli military has so far killed 54 year old woman Jana Aytah al-Amur in her home in al-Fakhari east of Khan Younis, and injured at least five other civilians: 21-year-old woman Khazima al-Farra from the al-Rayyanan area of Rafah, 65-year-old Hassan Hassanien from Zaitoun east of Gaza City, and three children from his family.

There have been no confirmed reports of any Israeli casualties.

Deputy head of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh today spoke at a Gaza mosque during Friday prayers, telling the worshippers, “We are not calling for war, but we will not allow incursions at all. The resistance will not allow the establishment of a so-called buffer zone inside the borders of the Gaza Strip.”

An emergency meeting of the Israeli Security Council was held on Friday morning, but no official statements were released following the closed-door meeting.

It is notable that the Palestinian tunnels the Israeli military are attempting to use as justification for their latest breaches of international law have never been used for unprovoked attacks against Israeli citizens, but solely for defensive purposes and during Israeli military aggressions on the Gaza Strip.

Four Palestinians injured in dawn Israeli airstrikes on Gaza


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Four Palestinian citizens were injured on Thursday at dawn after Israeli warplanes launched several airstrikes on different Palestinian targets across the Gaza Strip.

Local sources said that an elderly Palestinian and three children was injured in the Israeli airstrikes in the center and north of the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the injury of Hassan Hassanein, 65 years, who was wounded in the hand and shoulder in an Israeli airstrike on a workshop in the Al Zeitoun neighborhood east of Gaza.

Our correspondent said that the Israeli airstrikes targeted several areas: an open area on Al Sourani Mount east of Al Tuffah neighborhood; resistance training sites east of Al Shijae’ya neighborhood; and the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli airstrikes came after the intervention of Egyptian mediators to restore the cease-fire between the resistance and the occupation forces on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip following several Israeli incursions east of Rafah and Gaza.

Al Qassam: Israeli escalation a clear violation of 2014 agreement

Al Qassam
Press Statement

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Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades stressed that it will not allow the Israeli occupation to continue its aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The Brigades said in a statement issued on Wednesday evening that the Palestinian resistance considers the Israeli incursion, which has been going on since Tuesday morning, a clear violation of the 2014 cease-fire agreement and a new aggression on the Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli occupation should stop invoking reasons to justify its violations, and should leave the Gaza Strip immediately,” the Brigades said.

The Qassam statement came after a series of Israeli incursions carried out in the last 24 hours by engineering units belonging to the Israeli occupation army in the eastern areas of Rafah and Gaza, included clearing and wrecking operations in the lands of the citizens as well as shelling watching towers belonging to the Palestinian resistance.

Al-Nono denies fabricated statements by Breitbart News

Press Statement

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Taher Al-Nono, adviser to the Deputy Chairman of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haniya, has categorically denied fabricated statements published on Breitbart News Network and attributed to him.

Al-Nono denied making any statements to the Breitbart news outlets regarding the UK Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“The website that ran this story is managed by Zionists and propaganda spin doctors who are launching a full scale attack on anyone who does not support the Israeli occupation.” Al-Nono told the Hamas official website.

“We confirm that Hamas does not intervene with the internal politics of states, neither in the UK nor in Europe or any other state.” He added.

Al-Nono said that legal action is being considered against the propaganda outlet that fabricated such statement on his behalf.

Breitbart published on Monday a report on positions taken by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, which contained fabricated statements on the issue that were attributed to Al-Nono.

Yarmouk civilians eat again

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Woman in Yarmouk May 02, 2016 (Photo:

Woman in Yarmouk May 02, 2016 (Photo:

But for how long, is the question. On Wednesday UNRWA managed to continue its humanitarian operations in Yalda, Damascus for the third consecutive day since intense clashes broke out on 07 April, and Yarmouk civilians were able to access Yalda for the first time in almost a month to receive much-needed assistance, and return to their homes.

Families received hygiene kits in addition to food parcels, and a small mobile medical team was able to treat 259 civilians in need of primary health care, including 61 children and 112 women. Read more »