Report: 97% of water in Gaza not compatible with standards

Palestinian Information Center

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A Palestinian report showed that the individual portion of water in Gaza has declined from 91.3 liters daily in 2013 to 79.7 liters in 2014. Over 97% of water in the coastal enclave is not compatible with standards of the World Health Organization for drinking water, the report added.

The report which was prepared mutually by the Palestinian central statistics department and the Palestinian authority of water and issued on the World Day of Water on March 22, revealed that Gazan people receive the minimum level recommended by the same organization which is 100 liters per day for the individual.

Israeli forces control most sources of water in the area and prevent Palestinians from accessing those sources. Israeli practices as well prevent the establishment of sewage treatment stations, the report stated.

It was also pointed out in the report that Palestinians have to buy water from the Israeli water company, Mekorot. The purchased water reached to 63.5 million cubic meters in 2014 with a percentage of 18.5% of the available water.