IOF escalates arrest campaigns in January to quell intifada


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The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS) published its monthly report on the status of Palestinian detainees in January.

The center said that Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have escalated their arrest campaigns against Palestinians over the last month in a bid to quell the ongoing intifada.

According to the report, IOF detained over 490 Palestinians in January, of which 140 were minors, some of whom were injured, and 13 women and young girls, including wives and mothers of prisoners.

IOF also detained two MPs of the Legislative Council and a former minister, raising the number of detained MPs in Israeli prisons to seven.

Among the detained was MP Mohammed Abu-Tair, a 65 year-old from Jerusalem who spent over 30 years in Israeli lockups in several periods of detention. His last release from prison was in July 2015, after spending 25 months in detention.

IOF also detained 10 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, including six fishermen who were kidnapped from their fishing boats, and a 53-year-old citizen who was accompanying his sick wife on their way to Al-Maqased hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

Also in January, the captive journalist Mohamed Al-Qeiq from Hebron continued his open hunger strike begun on November 11, 2015 to protest against his administrative detention. While Al-Qeiq’s condition has deteriorated over the last weeks, the Israeli supreme court made consideration of his case dependent on developments in his health status, posing a real danger to his life.