Awadallah: PFLP engaged in the intifada, plays important role in confronting monopolistic leadership

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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After one hundred days of this intifada, it is clear that it is continuing and expanding and will continue to do so in order to achieve the goals and rights of the Palestinian people, said Comrade Iyad Awadallah, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Those that seek to oppose or avoid this intifada are on the losing side of history, said Awadallah. In an interview on Al-Aqsa TV, Awadallah said that “opening the all-out confrontation with the occupation is the choice of our people to achieve their objectives, and demonstrates the complete failure of the path of the so-called ‘peace process.’”

Awadallah said that the entire Palestinian people, in Palestine and in diaspora and exile, are well aware of the situation and are ready to offer enormous sacrifices to achieve their goals and continue the intifada and resistance to achieve them. “The path of the monopolistic Palestinian leadership over the past two decades has failed entirely, has reaped no benefits but has brought only destruction, and has achieved none of the objectives of our people,” said Awadallah.

Awadallah pointed out that throughout the recent Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian people demonstrated their support and embrace of the resistance, and thwarted all of the enemy’s plans to divide the people from the resistance. Since the outbreak of the intifada, the Popular Front has expressed its support and engaged its comrades and cadres; tens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded and prisoners have come from the ranks of the Front, said Awadallah, noting that the Front continues to work with all Palestinian forces to provide the political, media and economic continuity necessary for the intifada.

He demanded that the Palestinian Authority end the damaging and dangerous security coordination with the occupier, emphasizing that it has achieved nothing but destructive results for the Palestinian people. The Palestinian masses wish to join and engage with the intifada, and the security services have the responsibility to protect and defend our people, not the occupier, emphasized Awadallah. Furthermore, the political discourse of the Palestinian leadership should come in line with the popular mood and rise to the level of the great sacrifices of the Palestinian people.

Far from being outside the intifada, the Palestinian factions are engaged in the intifada, said Awadallah; the majority of the youth involved in actions and the strugglers and martyrs who are engaged in resistance are part of these factions, and it is the responsibility of the factions to play a bigger role in supporting, escalating and continuing the uprising through strengthening the steadfastness of our people.

Awadallah denounced the action of the Ministry of Health in Ramallah in excluding the name of the martyr Nashat Melhem from the list of martyrs, describing this action as an authoritarian and wrong approach of the Authority.

He noted that the PFLP plays an important role within the Palestine Liberation Organization in confronting the actions of the monopolistic leadership of the Authority and has succeeded on multiple occasions in the Central Council and the Executive Committee in stopping dangerous decisions contrary to the Palestinian national consensus and thwarting the attempt to convene the Palestinian National Council without consensus and under the unilateral decision of PA President Abu Mazen.

Awadallah held Abu Mazen accountable for the failure to convene the new provisional and inclusive leadership of the PLO, which would work to rebuild Palestinian institutions and build national unity and national strategy on the basis of escalating the intifada and confronting the occupation.