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Euro-Med Monitor Calls on International Community to Halt Israel’s Extra-Judicial Executions

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor

Young unarmed mother Israa' Abed shot  at the train station in Afula city

Young unarmed mother Israa’ Abed shot at the train station in Afula city

Israel is escalating practices of extrajudicial execution in the Palestinian territories, using firearms against civilians who pose no threat although it is often possible to detain them instead.

Video recordings of surveillance cameras in the central train station of Afula city showed Israel’s reckless disregard for lives as Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian lady holding an Israeli ID, claiming that she attempted to stab a guard working in the station, while the recordings clearly showed that the woman did not attempt to attack anybody.

Eyewitnesses told a Euro-Med Monitor team that Israa’ Abed, 29, was very scared and got panicked when she found herself surrounded by a group of Israeli soldiers who were directly pointing their weapons at her. The soldiers shouted asking her to take off her head scarf and drop her bag. The woman refused, raised her hands, and begged them not to shoot.

“Even if the woman tried to attack someone, the Israeli police could detain her instead of shooting her with four live bullets” said Ihsan Adel, Euro-Med Monitor legal adviser. Read more »

Gazan youth solidly united for the battle for freedom, justice

Julie Webb-Pullman

All factions marching together in Gaza City

All factions marching together in Gaza City

In Gaza City today hundreds of youth from all factions marched from the Azhar University corner to Jundy Square in solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 territories who are fighting for their lives, for Al Aqsa Mosque, and for the freedom of Palestine.

Although the mood was upbeat and often lighthearted, the message was deadly serious: we will not let the Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, lives and liberty pass. The 3rd Intifada is here. Read more »

The First Manifesto of the Third Intifada

The document below was widely distributed in the 1948 territories of Palestine, but its origin is unknown. Tweets claim that the political wing of Fatah has said it is fake, and they did not sign it. Others contend that there is a split in Fatah, one wing signed it without the knowledge of the other, and it is genuine. It is also possible that it is an Israeli attempt to sow disinformation, discord and disunity. We will keep you updated. (Gaza: Saturday, 9.42am)

UPDATE: Both Fatah and the Peoples Party (the Communist Party in Palestine) have published denials in Arabic on their websites, saying they are not part of this alleged ‘Command.’ The Peoples’ Party stressed in their statement that they are not part of the alleged ‘Command’, that there is no central command to this uprising, and that it is a popular uprising involving people of all factions. They emphasise that this in no way detracts from the fact that the people are united in their national efforts to protect, promote and organise the Palestinian case, and also to end the factional divisions. (Gaza, Saturday 10:25am)

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manifesto Arabic (291 x 400)

Hamas: Netanyahu’s threats to Palestinian media activists are source of pride


Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri saluted Friday Palestinian social media activists, deeming Netanyahu’s threats to Palestinians who engage in online activism a source of pride.

Abu Zuhri said that such threats show the importance of social media in exposing Israel’s crimes, noting that the best answer to Netanyahu’s threats is to intensify Palestinian social activism.

Israel said on Thursday it had asked Facebook and YouTube to remove videos it says have been encouraging Palestinian resistance attacks against Israeli settlers in the past week.

Palestinian Progressive Youth Union: The rising intifada and revolution of the youth

Palestinian Progressive Youth Union

youth-fire-350x233 (400 x 266)

At this time, when hordes of settlers terrorists are invading and rampaging in the streets of the occupied West Bank, while the occupation army surrounds Nablus and Jerusalem with its troops and intelligence agents, storming towns and villages, arise the heroes of Palestine, the finest blossoming of Palestinian youth, struggling on the glorious path of liberation, continuing the call which they have inherited from their parents and grandparents.

It is the message carried by Palestinian youths Diaa Talahmeh, Muhannad Al-Halabi, Fadi Alloun, whose flesh and blood was shed by the occupier and its settler killers, who struggled for Palestine and its people. Diaa revolted, Muhannad sacrificed, Fadi martyred, while Qais al-Saadi and his comrades resisted in Jenin confronting the attack of the occupation. The streets of Jerusalem throb with a new Palestinian pride and honor as the sons and daughters of Issawiya and Jabal Mukabber and all of our city free their rocks, Molotov cocktails and flames from their hands, rebelling with their lives. Nablus, the Mountain of Fire, confronts the occupier and defies its siege, united in its people and their heroism. Read more »

5 Palestinians killed, 40 injured in Gaza clashes

Palestinian Information Centre

Gaza (400 x 300)

Five Palestinians were killed and 40 others were injured including two journalists as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire at a demonstration by the border fence east of Gaza City and near Khan Younis on Friday.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said Shadi Hussam Dawla, 20, Ahmad al-Harbawi, 20, and Abed al-Wahidi, 20, were shot and killed east of the al-Shujaiyeh neighborhood, while 15-year-old Muhammad al-Raqeb and Adnan Abu Alyan, 22, were killed after being shot by Israeli forces near Khan Younis. Read more »

Hamas calls for continuation, support of the Palestinian uprising


wb (400 x 205)

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas called Wednesday for the continuation and support of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli aggression to confront the relentless Israeli oppression.

In a press statement Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that continuous raids and the detention campaign carried out by occupation forces last night in Jerusalem and West Bank is proof of the occupation’s intentions to escalate aggression against Palestinians.

Israeli Occupation Forces detained more than 47 Palestinians in Jerusalem and West Bank Tuesday night, and raided several areas.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent recorded 191 Palestinian casualties in clashes between occupation forces and Palestinian youth on Tuesday, with clashes were reported at more than 61 points.

14th Intifada on the way; its global ramifications

Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor, Bethlehem University

Below I discuss briefly why I think Israel is intent on ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories, the recent upheaval here and the killing of children, who is Benyamin Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu) behind the spate of
recent war crimes including murdering a 13 year old child, ask whether a 14th Intifada on the way and identify its global ramifications.

Abdelrahman Abeidallah murdered by Israeli soldiers in al-Aidah refugee camp

Abdelrahman Abeidallah murdered by Israeli soldiers in al-Aidah refugee camp

There has been a significant escalation of violence in the apartheid country in the past few days. If this is a new uprising it is expected as we have one on average every 10 years (we had nearly 14 in the past 140 years of Zionist onslaught).

When we analyze the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back for this particular wave of unrest, we see the arson attack 31 July 2015 on the Dawabshe family (father, mother and child murdered), and the calls for revenge. Read more »

Palestinian and International civilians to resist demolition

Press Release – International Solidarity Movement

Palestinian civilians joined by International solidarity activists will gather tonight, Tuesday 6 October 15, at the home of the bereaved family of Muhannad Halabi, which is threatened by demolition in retaliation for the fatal stabbing of two Israeli … Read more »

Factions call for escalating intifada, resistance

Source: Palestinian Information Centre

pic (400 x 318)

Palestinian resistance factions on Monday called for escalating the Palestinian intifada (uprising) against the Israeli occupation.

The factions hailed resistance operations in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem and called for escalating resistance operations as a strategic option to defend Muslims’ holy places. They also urged Palestinians to unify their efforts to confront Israeli aggressive practices.

In a press conference held in Gaza City, the Palestinian factions asked the Palestinian Authority (PA) to halt its security coordination with Israel and to stop chasing Palestinian resistance activists.

The factions stressed the right of Muslims and Arabs to the Aqsa Mosque, and said Israelis have no right in the Palestinian land.

They also hailed Palestinians in the 1948 Occupied Palestine and Occupied Jerusalem for defending the Aqsa Mosque and for siting-in at its plazas for the confrontation of settlers’ repeated incursions.

The factions called on Palestinians to take part in the pro-Aqsa march after Maghreb prayer on Monday night in Gaza City.

Abu Marzouk: What is happening in Jerusalem is only the beginning


marzouk (400 x 205)

Vice chairman of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk stated that what is happening currently in Jerusalem is only the beginning, and a message to the Israeli occupation that Jerusalem is a red line which cannot be crossed.

In a Facebook statement on Sunday, Abu Marzouk saluted and praised those who he called the heroes of our time, those who resist the Israeli occupation, saying “you will be pleased with the safeness of your mosque and Jerusalem, God willing.”

“Jerusalem is [part of] our faith and religion, and the title of our struggle. We will defend it against the forces of evil that have, since the 1920s, been trying to Judaize it, desecrate the holy places, change the city’s identity, and insist on pursuing worshipers, students and prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Abu Marzouk continued.

Abu Marzouk called on all forces to unite in Jerusalem and for Jerusalem, stressing that the power of truth will ultimately prevail.


Open Letter
Dr Vacy Vlazna

Photo: Radio NZ

Photo: Radio NZ

Prof. Grant Guilford
Victoria University
Wellington, New Zealand.

Dear Vice-Chancellor Grant,

I wish to pay my respects to the Victoria University academics who protested the mendacious talk last week by Israeli soldiers, Raphael Wein and Naftali Gross, who had taken part in the 2014 monstrous Israeli war crime, Operation Protective Edge against Palestinian families sealed in by land, sea and air.

It is outrageous that Victoria University condoned what its decent academics censured as “an exercise in propaganda and apologetics for military violence . . .This meeting gives a platform to [Israeli Defence Force] soldiers for them to celebrate the very conflict that led to such massive Palestinian loss of life” and the mass homelessness, trauma, maiming, unemployment and the grief and suffering that is now daily life in Gaza. Read more »

Seven Points Not on the Arab Media Agenda

Article – Ramzy Baroud

It has been recently announced that Arab media experts plan to celebrate Arab Media Day on April 21, 2016. The theme for the first day, of what is meant to be an annual tradition, is: The Role of the (Arab) Media in Combatting Terrorism. Read more »

Red Crescent Declares State of Emergency in West Bank

WAFA Agency

wb (400 x 224)

RAMALLAH, October 4, 2015 – In light of settlers’ flare-up of violence across the West Bank, including Jerusalem, the Palestinian Red Crescent raised the alert status across the West Bank to third degree, declaring a ‘State of Emergency.’

The Palestinian Red Crescent activated its central operations room at its headquarter in al-Bireh/Ramallah as well as mobilized all volunteers and teams to provide relief to Palestinians against the backdrop of escalated recent settlers’ violence against Palestinians and their properties.

Israeli settlers late Saturday and Sunday – following two separate killing incidents of Israelis by Palestinian suspects – went on a revenge rampage, under the protection of Israeli army forces , against Palestinian civilians and their properties, leading to violent clashes across the West Bank districts, which left dozens of injuries and suffocation cases among Palestinian locals. Read more »

Hamas on Abbas’ UNGA speech

Press Statement

statement (400 x 205)

First of all Hamas reiterates its rejection of Oslo and the concessions it entails, and renews its call for removing this page from the history of our people.

Despite that Abbas consulted none of our people’s acting forces while formulating his speech, and in spite of the fact that Abbas addressed the whole world apart from his partners at home, we put down our objective notes on the speech:

First: The speech came, in the most part, emotional and submissive, and did not rely on our people’s strong cards, and consequently the results will not differ from those of previous speeches.

Second: Abbas’s announcement that the PA will not remain committed to the agreements to which the Zionist enemy is not adhering is the demand of the Palestinian people and all the free peoples of the world, but the credibility of this announcement remains subject to its implementation on the ground, which must rise to the level of the Palestinian hopes and suffering.

The credibility of Abbas’s position relies on the following:

– The official announcing the end of Oslo, and rescinding recognition of the Zionist enemy.
– The immediate ceasing of security coordination, and unleashing resistance in the occupied West Bank.
– Stopping all political arrests, and the immediate release of all detainees.
– The immediate implementation of reconciliation accord s, holding a PLO leadership meeting, forming a national unity government, and working on lifting the siege on Gaza.
– Pursuing the Israeli war criminals and bringing them before the International Criminal Court.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu wants bloodshed: A new, deliberately provocative right-wing incursion into sacred ground

Nur Arafeh
Source: Salon

moon (400 x 400)

As Netanyahu and Abbas prepare to speak at UN, this is the Jerusalem story the media won’t tell you

World leaders converging on the UN General Assembly will soon be hearing from Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. They should focus on Jerusalem, which is again at a boiling point and has the potential to be a global flashpoint if international leaders and diplomats fail to address increasingly reckless rhetoric from Israeli government leaders and the provocative actions of Israeli settlers.

In recent days, right-wing Israeli Jews escorted by Israeli police have been making incursions inside the Al-Aqsa compound, also known as the Noble Sanctuary and Temple Mount to Jews. They are calling for more access to the compound with the ultimate goal of building a third temple in place of Al-Aqsa, which is revered by Muslims worldwide and is based in East Jerusalem – Palestinian territory that Israel occupied and illegally annexed in 1967.

Israeli authorities have abetted these right-wing extremists by effectively imposing a physical and temporal partition of the Al-Aqsa compound. We have been here before: It was Ariel Sharon’s deliberately provocative visit to Al-Aqsa as opposition leader 15 years ago this month that triggered the Second Intifada and years of bloodshed. Read more »

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