Open letter to NZ ambassador to UN re draft Palestine resolution

Dr Vacy Vlazna

Ambassador Gerard van Bohemen
New Zealand Permanent Mission to the UN

Mr Ambassador

The reprehensible draft ‘resolution‘ circulated by New Zealand is so blatantly biased against the Palestinian people that it proffers, in this instance, the correct diplomatic protocol that NZ minds it’s own business given it is an apologist and morally blind supporter of Israel by its repeated mantra that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

In the ‘resolution’, NZ, like all western governments, obsequiously parrots zionist propaganda:

NZ normalises Israeli atrocities by presenting Israel and Palestine as equal perpetrators and equal victims and by pushing the demand that Palestine gives up its endeavour for justice in the International Criminal Court thus letting Israel off scott free for its monstrous war crimes and crimes against humanity.

While NZ demands that Israel freezes its settlement expansion, it absurdly promotes the farce of negotiations that expand settlements. There is no demand by NZ that the zionist infiltrators leave the present settlements that have illegally expropriated half of the remaining Palestinian West Bank.

NZ obediently keeps up the pretence of a two state solution when Netanyahu has repeatedly ruled out Palestinian sovereignty:

“At the height of the 2014 Gaza war, Netanyahu revealed that he doesn’t envision Palestinian sovereignty in the West Bank any time soon. “I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan,” he said at a press conference in Jerusalem. In other words: no withdrawal and no Palestinian sovereignty, which means no state of Palestine.

A few months later, Netanyahu said, in a much quoted interview on the eve of the March 17 election, that, “indeed,” no Palestinian state would be created under his leadership.”

And to add extra ridicule to the ridiculous, NZ calls on the same incompetent clowns “the Quartet (United States, Russia, United Nations and European Union), Security Council members and Arab states” to maintain the posturing of the nihilistic negotiations.

So what can the people of Palestine expect from a flunkey state that belongs to the Impunity- for- Israel’s- War- Crimes Club?

…the same old, same old betrayal of Palestinian families and the betrayal of NZ’s own obligations as a High Contracting Party to the Geneva Conventions to protect and uphold Palestinian political and human rights.

This dishonourable ‘resolution’ comes at a time when Palestinian children and youth are being extrajudicially executed in the street for their courageous efforts to uphold their rights while NZ lets them down and, in doing so, shames the decency of the people of New Zealand.


Dr Vacy Vlazna


Khalil Omar Othman, 15, killed near the Gaza border

Khalil Omar Othman, 15, killed in Gaza by direct fire from Israeli soldiers firing across the border