Making Palestinian Third Intifada Victorious

Muneer Shafiq

intifada 1 (400 x 267)

There is no doubt that the third Palestinian Intifada has broken out. The context of this Intifada is different from that of the first and second Intifadas and it is wrong to compare this Intifada to other Intifadas.

The third Palestinian Intifada has three main features. First, Israel is politically isolated and weaker than any time before. Second, the Palestinian Authority is still tied to security coordination with Israel. Third, the turmoil in the world that made the U.S unable to play its role as a major role in the region.

The three Intifadas share one thing: the popular sympathy in the Arab world as well as Europe, which helps tighten the grip around the Israeli government’s neck. The Israeli government tried to impose spatial and temporal division of Alaqsa, so the goal of this Intifada should be defeating this Israeli plan. Achieving this goal will also help achieve other goals such as freeing prisoners and lifting siege imposed on Gaza.

This Intifada should not be a merely a wave of anger and it should lead to a victory to the Palestinians. The current situation is suitable to bring about a victory. This is the only language the Israeli occupation understands.

Edited and Translated by CPDS