Haniya calls for national strategy to protect Jerusalem’s Uprising

Press Statement

Haniyeh (400 x 205)

Vice chairman of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haniya called for a national strategy to protect and escalate the Jerusalem uprising, in order to achieve its goals of Palestinian liberation and independence.

In a speech at a Hamas-organized public festival in Lebanese Sidon on Sunday, Haniya stressed the need to heighten spirit of resistance, adding that Hamas is ready to engage in any project that adopts Palestinian constants and the route of resistance.

“We are ready for unity on all levels, political and in the field, and to agree on a national strategy to protect the uprising and restore Palestinian rights and national constants,” Haniya said.

Stressing the importance of national unity among all Palestinian factions, Haniya warned of US and international attempts to abort the Jerusalem uprising, noting that no power on earth can quell the uprising set on achieving dignity, freedom and liberation.

Haniya added that rebellious Palestinian youth in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank had restored the faith in resistance and liberation.

He stressed that Jerusalem’s uprising had shuffled all the cards and hit defeatists, and criticized negotiations as providing cover for the Israeli occupation to commit crimes against the Palestinian people and holy places.

Haniya noted that the right of return is not subject to a statute of limitations, and cannot be erased by negotiations, confirming that no option is acceptable but returning to the land of Palestine.

Haniya concluded that Gaza will remain faithful to Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem’s Intifada.