Gazan youth solidly united for the battle for freedom, justice

Julie Webb-Pullman

All factions marching together in Gaza City

All factions marching together in Gaza City

In Gaza City today hundreds of youth from all factions marched from the Azhar University corner to Jundy Square in solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 territories who are fighting for their lives, for Al Aqsa Mosque, and for the freedom of Palestine.

Although the mood was upbeat and often lighthearted, the message was deadly serious: we will not let the Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, lives and liberty pass. The 3rd Intifada is here.

Speakers at the rally in Jundy stressed that they will do their utmost to support and protect their brothers and sisters in Ramallah and everywhere else they come under attack, saying that whatever the factional differences, they are united against the Zionists.

“Now is the time to free Palestine,” Hamas leader Ismail Radwan told the crowd to a tumultuous response. “The time is right.”

He specifically addressed “the criminal Yalon,” advising him not to forget Hamas.

Referring to the last Israeli offensive and what they might expect in future, he warned, “It will be hard for you.”

Ismail Radwan tells the international community to stop covering for Israeli crimes

Ismail Radwan tells the international community to stop covering for Israeli crimes

Mr Radwan later told Gaza SCOOP that the Palestinians can not and will not let the crimes against Al Aqsa and the Palestinian people go unanswered.

“Israel must bear responsibility for their crimes, including their crimes against our women and children,” he said.

“The international community must stop covering up for Israel and its crimes, and hold it accountable. The international community also bears responsibility for this situation, through its failure to do so until now.”

The young men and women present echoed this sentiment, pointing out that if they can put aside their differences to fight for justice under their difficult circumstances, it should be far easier easier for the western world to do so.

“We are fighting for our lives – we are only asking them to fight for our rights,” said one. “Is that too much to ask?”